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Kevin Phillips
Frank Lemanschik
I hope that when Justin did explain about scope and view I am able to finally just implement streams
The new observation makes me always think with streams we got all that and more
And can also use any input and throw any output no decorations needed
I am sure once we got a layer to easy generate and update values in a template on change we can simply do observation as streams of values
Frank Lemanschik
I am playing around with it a lot I am only not sure about partial paradigm and that maybe I need to create some own stache or mustache implementations I don't know but I don't like the new observation it's same black box as befor but now using proxy's I like proxy's but I don't like libs using them :)
But when any one has a simple idea about how to rerender a value inside a template on change without rerender the fragment let me know
My only idea would be to create extra fragments per value and rerender that
Justin Meyer
so... sometimes when I change a route the entire application is reloaded
is there something simple that I am doing wrong?
or does this happen under certain conditions?
mmm... come to think of it I have a suspicion it has to do with submit buttons
I probably need to return false on the click or some such
Frank Lemanschik
@eben-roux this happens only if you don't preserve the propertys
one example where i see that happen by design is if your using stache helper like in bitballs
and don't pass back propertys to your routing viewModel
does that make sense or did i write that unclear? sorry if its unclear
it can also often happen if you don't store your promises as propertys
thats why often you will see usersPrimise propertys
and all kind of promise propertys
if you set them they are preserved persisted for the current running state
in general this is i think one of the most complex parts of canjs if your using the define-map observe able
you can return the same data in diffrent ways and it will get handled diffrent for example setting a object as value gets shared over instances
return the same value from a function then it gets cached
also your can-connect behaviors do matter
Kevin Phillips
if you find things like this confusing, please open issues
for example we're deprecating this:
setting a object as value gets shared over instances
there's a PR in now to do that in 3.0 and I think it is removed already in 4.0
so if there are other confusing things, we can look to remove them
Frank Lemanschik
@phillipskevin i am only waiting now for justin to explain the view bindings and parsers
then i will implament my nils stream as observable
once i am able to do that
i don't plan to use define-map or observe
i only use it as long as needed
i see convertable streams as the holy gral the only problems are the view updates via the canjs eco system
as that is no where explained all i know i know from reverse engineering the hard way
Frank Lemanschik
i only need to find a better way as creating fragments for each variable that changes as this feels so useless
as i can archive the same via dom.select and edit
maybe jsx can help but i don't know how that should work i am doomed :)
Kevin Phillips
have you profiled it to confirm there's actually a performance benefit to not creating new fragments?
Frank Lemanschik
performance nope :(
but i see it as double work
and un needed work
as from my view we return html we have html
so we can use after that the dom api for everything
as easy as select <span id="myName">Mr Myer</span>
and then select myName change innerText done