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    Upgrade routing guide to Can 6 Fix incorrect highlight (compare)

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  • Sep 19 18:40
    phillipskevin commented #5300
Frank Lemanschik
but good to know that canJs was intuitiv enough for me already to get it rendering i am happy with can4
i also got feathers 3 working maybe just finishing the last tests
and test all situations but it looks that socketio 2 with feathers 3 is working with ssr
CanJS 4's is really epic because of the great automount concept using webcomponents i hope we get webcomponents stuff into canjs 5 even more
so that canjs is simply the better polymer
Nico R.
@runn-vermel @phillipskevin I’m confused with the select issue, was it solved with one way binding? If that is the case, it won’t work for me because I use it both to set the value when selecting and to load the initial value. Is that possible using your solution? @runn-vermel can you share the code? thanks
@frank-dspeed would that work with canjs 3? any shareable code? :-)
Frank Lemanschik
feathers 3 will work with can 3 but its more hard to debug then
at present i have it running in some diffrent ways
but the most importent info is maybe that can-connect-feathers v2
even still works
i think the warning that it don't works comes from the new feathers 3 channel integration part
if your using feathers3 server side you need to let it handle where to publish updates
  app.on('connection', connection => {
    // On a new real-time connection, add it to the anonymous channel
  // Lets publish to anyone at present
  app.publish(() => {    app.channel('anonymous');  });
so this 2 things need to get added to get the old canjs behaviers working out of the box
as this makes sure that every connected client joins a channel called anonymous
and all in channel anonymouse get all update created removed events
as it was befor
this was the default behavior of feathers 2
Frank Lemanschik
and about the ssr socket.io part
i used can-zone Zone(io)
it ignores can zone
but works
Runn Vermel
@nriesco yeah, making it one way bind allowed the change to be reflected in the UI - that's all i did.
@phillipskevin ok, i have a new issue now: inside can-define/define-helpers/define-helpers.js Chrome dev tools has paused with the following message: "Paused before potential out-of-memory crash" - it paused on map.each call on line 126
the array it's mapping through only has 130 items, so, not huge.
@justinbmeyer ^ any ideas?
Kevin Phillips
@nriesco it is really two one-way binds
          ($change)="upsertInitialRelease(platform.name, scope.element.value)">
one-way binding in each direction
@runn-vermel can you send a link to the line in the code?
Justin Meyer
nope, that should be ok ... maybe possible recursion, an item that has itself
Runn Vermel
Hi @phillipskevin - i wish i could, but sadly, i can't. it's this function:
This message was deleted
`` map.each(function (val, name) { // If the value is anobject, and has anattrorserialize` function.
            var result,
                isObservable =   hasMethod(val, how),
                serialized = isObservable && serializeMap[how][CID(val)];

            if( serialized ) {
                result = serialized;
            } else {
                // special attr or serializer
                result = defineHelpers.getValue(map, name, val, how);
            // this is probably removable
            if(result !== undefined) {
                where[name] = result;

inside the serialize method on that page
Kevin Phillips
ok, are you on an older version of can-define?
looks like that code was refactored recently
Runn Vermel
let me check what i got.
i'm on 1.2.0
looks like the latest one is 1.5.3
Kevin Phillips
any reason you can't update?
Runn Vermel
but... i have to admit, i'm super scared to update anything fromthe canJs packages. trouble seems to follow doing that. ha.
i'll do it locally now and see if fixes it, or causes anything else..
Kevin Phillips
never want to hear that, hope it goes ok
Runn Vermel
thanks. i don't mean to be offensive (at all), and i really appreciate all your help with this.
i'm running into all these issues because after not touching the app in production for a while, we had to do an update, which pulled in new packages - we had ^ in our canJS packages. and... now we have these issues.
Kevin Phillips
yeah, no offense taken
Runn Vermel
@phillipskevin - ok, i updated and locally it looks good. it's on our staging server, and seems to be running better, so let's hope that was it :) thanks again!!