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Frank Lemanschik
can-define backup
thats why i got that idea
Justin Meyer
essentially you would need to re-create what the normal .save() does on every item in the list
Frank Lemanschik
thats correct
it will call some defineMap methods
maybe set ? update somestuff like that
i use that methods when i don't use can connect
to directly update instances
or save maybe as i remember uses the methods
added by can connect
this are the right api's i think to tigger updates
the crud methods
Mike 'mitch' Mitchel
added the .sort method back to can-list 4.2.0
according to your comments @frank-dspeed @justinbmeyer I need to write custom implementation updateListData in order to send one PUT request with list inside of body?
Frank Lemanschik
okey, thanks everyone
Gregg Roemhildt
Hi guys, did logging change in a recnet version of can-stache?
I'm seeing lots of new logs (in a production webpack build).
Sorry, that wasn't in a production build. Nevermind that message :0
Kevin Phillips
@Lighttree, about :point_up: October 31, 2018 5:34 AM
There is no difference between those get syntaxes
I always use get someProp() { ... } unless I need to pass arguments (for async getters)
then it has to be
someProp: {
  get(lastSet, resolve) {
    // ...
the standard getter syntax (https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Web/JavaScript/Reference/Functions/get) doesn't allow arguments
Jeroen Cornelissen
@matthewp @justinbmeyer @frank-dspeed yes, looks like that was my code with some additions from Justin.
We kind of stopped using can-connect, because our backend now is more event-driven. So we have an endpoint for almost every property on a model, eg /item/change-color or /item/change-title, … So we just can’t call save or destroy, we now use a custom “http-handler” and update the props on our model or do a splice/push on a Model.List.
Frank Lemanschik
@jeroencornelissen its a bit like me
i also stream my changes into the Maps and Lists my self
else i could not add behavior as needed
@jeroencornelissen i need to play more with the symbol interface the others added i think justin was that
this should enable to do custom stuff more easy via some key symbols like onValue but i still don't full get what kind of API design this should be
so i started refactoring canjs to canes to be more readable and understand able
Jeroen Cornelissen
What do you mean, stream changes into Maps?
Frank Lemanschik
@jeroencornelissen i use for every application always streams so i have a stream that sets and reads values into a can.DefineMap Instance
for example
so i have a stream interface into and out of my DefineMaps and Lists
i am preparing that production ready at present under the Code Name canes
it merges my effort to drop all the old stuff and layers that are needed by CanJS/DoneJS
i want to have a version that uses Streams where possible and runs in every new nodejs version and every new browser
out of the box when coding EMCA Style + WASM workers
so canes is the first framework supporting and using wasm
my migration path goes over can-quees
the current goals that are already reached are we can code fully in EMCA and run on nodejs and the browser as also elctron nw without transpiling
and without extra loader only dynmaic imports as needed
Frank Lemanschik