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    Ryan Behague
    Hey I have come across this library tonight. I have the EDSDK from cannon and installed your repo and popped the folders in as you state in your read me but I am having a hell of a time getting it to run. I am completely new to java. I'm super keen to learn as I have a cannon camera and want to have a play around with it.
    I'm assuming I have to add code to : camera-sdk\src\main\java\org\blackdread\camerasdk\CameraSdk.java to get this running.
    Ive also seen the demos here: camera-framework\src\test\java\org\blackdread\cameraframework\demo\DemoFullLiveView.java
    Ryan Behague
    Unfortunately my background is more PHP / JS not C++ or JAVA. Any pointers to get me on my way here? My main goal is to create an interface to use for Asterophotography for my Father in law. His eyesite is failing and would love to be able to see the output on a laptop screen and possibly set interval shooting and AV / TV etc. Eventually building up something like ... backyardeos as Open Source.