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Repo info
    Added lots of comments along with some suggestive comments for things that could potentially be implemented. Still have some classes left to comment, but did most of the core classes.
    Jordan and I discussed meeting on Thursday around 4:30 to work on the game. Does that work for everyone?
    Hayden Westbrook
    That works for me
    Hayden Westbrook
    Hey what do your guys' makefiles look like? For some reason I can't get mine to work.

    FLEX_SDK ?= C:/Flex


    all: $(APP).swf
    $(APP).swf: $(SOURCES)
    haxe \
    -cp src \
    -cp vendor \
    -swf-version 11.8 \
    -swf-header 640:640:60:0 \
    -main Startup \
    -swf $(APP).swf \
    -swf-lib vendor/starling.swc --macro "patchTypes('vendor/starling.patch')"

    del $(APP).swf

    test: $(APP).swf
    $(ADL) -profile tv -screensize 640x640:640x640 $(APP_XML)

    Added a pause function to the game when opening menus (not sure if we wanted, but easily removed otherwise) also like the new music.

    -fixed placements of structures
    -fixed paths,
    -enemy counter
    -timed build round
    -place structures live
    -grading system
    -player passive
    -structure upgrades (visual cue such as flag with number)
    -different structures have different radius,attack,speed,area damage
    -vector art

    Level Design Ideals:

    coindrops on unit deaths, play touches to pick up gold

    1: Stone Age:
    -cave men (spear, rock throwing, club)
    -saber-tooth, mammoth, wolves, giant sloth
    2: Roman Age:
    -ballista, catapult, pikeman

     - war elephant, persians, horseman, 

    3: Medieval Age:
    -knights, archers, wizards
    -bunnies, demons, dragons, other men, rats
    4: Modern:

     - artillery, soldiers, tanks, sniper
     - zombies, other soldiers, nuke boss

    5: Future



    So we found a bug when you buy the 3rd tower on the 1st level, the game crashes. we have no idea why...
    we fixed the bug nvm
    We need to redo how the assets are loaded in. I'm not sure why we need to have them in different files, considering all of the individual assets are named differently. The game cannot be added to the google store or android or anything the way it currently is. We need to pack all of the textures together and not have any folders apart from the levels folder inside of the assets folder. I know it's a pain in the butt, but it will not work the way we currently are doing it. If the issue is in the pulling the individual tower information, we can solve that with a file naming convention, like "e1_t1" meaning era1, tower1. Let me know what you all think.
    Hayden Westbrook
    So I restructured the game so that all of the assets are packed together but its still crashing in a web browser. I'm not really sure whats up with it at this point
    Could it maybe have to do with how the levels are being called into the game? we could hard code the levels maybe.
    Hayden Westbrook
    that might be it
    I though that that might be a problem, but I tested the apk on another game that loads the files in the same way and it works fine with it.