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org.springframework.web.client.HttpClientErrorException: 404 Not Found
Hi ...We are setting up Hygieia Dashboard on CentOS machine, after busing CORE, API, deploying API and Running "Gulp Serve" the dashboard is coming up , but we can not see "login fields" after c;licking on "Login" icon
it is saying some API Connectivity and X sign
angular.js:12265 GET 502 (Bad Gateway) - getting this error
Where ever it is trying to connect /api...it is getting 500 Bad Gateway

sorry if this is a stupid question but I am trying to connect to our company's gitlab. It is enterprise edition, private repo and needs VPN this is my property files can someone tell me if I am missing anything?

Tried reading through the docs I might be stupid but for encryption what is the core module that the documentation is talking about? is it the api? UI? Hygieia-core? Can someone please help?

cat > $PROP_FILE <<EOF
#Database Name

#Database HostName - default is localhost

#Database Port - default is 27017

#Database Username - default is blank

#Database Password - default is blank

#Collector schedule (required)
gitlab.cron=${GITLAB_CRON:-*/60 * * * * *}

#Gitlab host (optional, defaults to "gitlab.com")

#Gitlab protocol (optional, defaults to "http")

#Gitlab port (optional, defaults to protocol default port)

#Gitlab path (optional, defaults to no path)

#Gitlab API Token (required, access token can be retrieved through gitlab, collector will have the permissions of the user associated to the token)
gitlab.apiToken=${GITLAB_API_TOKEN:-"generated personal token from gitlab with all the scopes"}

#Maximum number of days to go back in time when fetching commits

#Gitlab Instance using self signed certificate

#Gitlab API Version (optional, defaults to current version of 4)


echo "

Properties file created `date`:  $PROP_FILE
Note: passwords hidden
`cat $PROP_FILE |egrep -vi password`

exit 0
Question about the SonarQube collector. Currently, whenever I restart the sonarqube collector the CodeAnalysis widget seems to lose its configuration.
I have to manually go through all of my projects and re-add the SonarQube Code Analysis job.
When I open the Configure Code Analysis Widget I see this error in the Chrome dev tools.
Sorry I get a 400 (Bad Request) error when doing to get to /api/collector/item/{itemID}
It is as if the Sonarqube collector is deleting and clearing out the collector items when it restarts.
Hi Team,
Need small help, we configured Hygieia. Have integrated with BitBucket, Bamboo, Sonar and JIRA. Could see details about commit, build, issues etc on team dashboard. But product dashboard is empty and not pulling any details.
Went through similar issues in github, looks like some jenkin plugins is required to pass data to team dashboard. We are using bamboo for build and deployment. Not using uDeploy or XL Deploy or any other deployment tool.
Can we use team dashboard with bamboo and without any deployment tool? Also is it pipeline setup mandatory for team dashboard?
Couldnt configure pipeline as no value is present in environment dropdown
Small correction, was was asking about product dashboard and not team. Can we use product dashboard with bamboo and without any deployment tool? Also is it pipeline setup mandatory for team dashboard?
Hello, I am trying to set up GitLab collector. I've set up the core, API, UI, mongo DB and GitLab collector. Everything is up and running locally but still, I am unable to pull developer metrics from my personal GitLab repo. Thoughts?
Are there any projects built in Windows
I built the github command
java -jar github-scm-collector.jar --spring.config.name=github --spring.config.location=\Hygieia
The main method of Springboot does not report any errors when it is started
Error starting ApplicationContext. To display the auto-configuration report re-run your application with 'debug' enabled.
The 2020-11-18 10:19:47, 521 [main] ERROR O.S.B oot. SpringApplication - Application startup failed
org.springframework.beans.factory.BeanCreationException: Error creating bean with name 'gitHubCollectorTask': Invocation of init method failed; nested exception is
Java. Lang. NullPointerException
The at org. Springframework. Beans. Factory. The annotation. InitDestroyAnnotationBeanPostProcessor. PostProcessBeforeInitialization (InitDestroyAnnotationBeanPostProcess
The at org. Springframework. Beans. Factory. Support. AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. ApplyBeanPostProcessorsBeforeInitialization (AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFact
The at org. Springframework. Beans. Factory. Support. AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. InitializeBean (AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. Java: 1622)
The at org. Springframework. Beans. Factory. Support. AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. DoCreateBean (AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. Java: 553)
The at org. Springframework. Beans. Factory. Support. AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. CreateBean (AbstractAutowireCapableBeanFactory. Java: 481)
Did any setup github collector recently? Running into few issues
David Polania
How can I contribute a new git collector for the organization this would be for Azure DevOps Git. How can I create the repository and publish it. If it is possible to guide me. Thank you
@EjnarAz - I am also stuck at the same point, did you make any progress on this?
Hello All-
Can someone please help to create privateKey (gitlab.key) for gitlab collector? Looks like I have setup everything end to end but still not able to pull data on dashboard.
@deepakbittumaheshwari You can refer to mine. I have built it successfully
Hygieia/hygieia-core What does it do?Is he needed in the project
Hi All, Can someone please describe the process of setting up the Hygieia-scm-bitbucket-collector ? Process which i have did: I have installed the collector, deployed it in the hygieia dashboard. In the hygieia dashboard, i can able to view bitbucket dropbox being created but no data is being populated over there when i have tried giving the repository credentials and password. Since ours is a privated hosted in bitbucket cloud, i understand that we need to setup encryption for private repos? How that can be done, can anyone explain in detail with screenshots if possible?
@wanggerui @deepakbittumaheshwari If possible can u provide insights on how bitbucket collector and setting up private encryption keys can be done?
Hi Charts are not loading with old UI
any thoughts?
Shachi Rai
Has any one successfully configured fortify collector for Hygieia ... Can someone please help with some steps as to how to do it
Shachi Rai
@tabladrum I need some pointers on how to setup fortify collector . I have been able to setup Jenkins and Sonarqube. I followed the instructions for foritfy but getting errors
Prabu T
With the latest version of Hygieia, I was able to bring up the initial dashboard, MongoDB and API. It is working fine.

I am not successful in configuring the following collectors
1) Jenkins Build collector
2) Jenkins Publish collector
3) GitHub SCM Collector (I tried running SCM collector and WEbhook but no luck)

Any help in this regard will be of great help

1 reply
My UI can't show the place where sonar is configured, but it doesn't show any data when jIRA is connected, have you ever met this situation?
What's the meaning of item "ideator" on Repo widget?
And what's the meaning of number on Deploy widget?
Can anyone help on this?
Prabu T
Looks like with the recent GitHub and Jenkins, Hygieia collectors are not working.
I wonder what is the meaning for the number here, while not why it is zero.

Hi Everyone, I am trying to run the bitbucket server collector. But Bitbucket collector not running. And started debugging further. It is creating the empty item in the collector collection without name and not reusing this item.

{"_id" : ObjectId("5fea7f92ba935ad0babfa11a"), "_class" : "com.capitalone.dashboard.model.Collector", "enabled" : false, "online" : true, "errors" : [], "uniqueFields" : { "branch" : "", "url" : "" }, "allFields" : { "lastUpdateCommit" : "", "password" : "", "lastUpdate" : NumberLong(1609203602801), "branch" : "", "userID" : "", "url" : "" }, "lastExecuted" : NumberLong(0), "searchFields" : [ "description" ], "properties" : {} }

Screenshot 2020-12-29 at 6.37.14 AM.png
findByName is returning wrong item, It suppose to be null. Can anyone please help me.
Rong Zheng
Happy New Year to everyone!! Currently, the remoteCreate can only create an empty dashboard since the activeWidgets attribute is missing in DashboardMetaData. I'm wondering if there is a workaround, or I need to add the activeWidgets as a property in the DashboardMetaData class, and implement the logic in the DashboardRemoteServiceImpl.java?
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Shishir Chaturvedi
@rzheng7 and I are looking into auto-creation of the Hygieia dashboards. We have found few things missing in the remote creation process as shared earlier here in the channel. Would be really helpful to us, if you can share your experience around auto-creating Hygieia dashboards and any suggestions to make it functional. Our idea is to create a simple script that will ingest configuration from the project onboarding tool and supply it to Hygieia APIs.
hi every one, I installed white source collector, from logs I can confirm it is able to connect to white source. in hygieia not able to display results.
Ragha Vema
Are you seeing projects and products collected from the logs?
Hi Every one , I have installed the helm connector and it's inserting the data into mongo DB . Can you some one help me to setup the dash board Helm ?