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Ionuț Staicu
@james0r can you explain a little more what would you like to achieve?
James Auble
@iamntz i've actually ended up achieving it. basically setting up dynamic modules, i've got a working system, but i ran into an issue where i couldn't access values with carbon_get_post_meta() or carbon_get_the_post_meta() from within the carbon fragments (nested) of my modules. My work around was just to access the post meta directly with get_post_meta($id).
i guess this is NBD, but i would be cool to achieve this all using carbon fields.
James Auble
can't edit our comments in here?
Ionuț Staicu

@james0r Unfortunately I still didn't undestood what you want to achieve. Maybe you can show some screenshots/mocks (or even code, now that you got it working)?

(You can edit comments, but only for a limited amount of time. )

James Auble
upon revisiting this project i guess i'm not able to retrieve post meta using crb at all
trying to trace back what i did
able to retrieve theme options though
weird i guess this was because i hadn't chosen a static page for wp front page? herm
James Auble
ahh cause maybe a different loop running
Hello, using the example here - https://docs.carbonfields.net/#/examples/section-layout - is it possible to have nested flexible content?

I currently have the code:

$sections = carbon_get_the_post_meta( 'crb_builder_sections' );
    foreach ( $sections as $section ) {
        switch ( $section['_type'] ) {

            case 'menu': ?>
<section class="menu-module">
                    <div class="menu-module__container">
                        <h2><?php echo nl2br(apply_filters('app_filter_no_p', $section['menu_title'])); ?></h2>

                        $sub_sections = carbon_get_the_post_meta( $section['menu_builder'] );
                        foreach ( $sub_sections as $sub_section ) {
                            switch ( $sub_section['_type'] ) {

                                case 'single-panel-50-50': ?>

                                <h3><?php echo nl2br(apply_filters('app_filter_no_p', $sub_section['5050_title'])); ?></h3>
                                <?php echo apply_filters('the_content', $sub_section['5050_content'] ); ?>

                                <?php break;


I can get the first H2 to show, but trying to get into $sub_sections does not work. I am unable to call on my nested complex field

Nevermind, I figured it out. I changed the line "$sub_sections = carbon_get_the_post_meta( $section['menu_builder'] );" to "$sub_sections = $section['menu_builder'] ;" and it appears to be showing expected results

When I trying example right from docs:

Container::make('post_meta',  'Title')
 ->where('post_term', '=', array(
     'field' => 'slug',
     'value' => 'home',
     'taxonomy' => 'category',

an error is raising:

 Uncaught Carbon_Fields\Exception\Incorrect_Syntax_Exception: Failed to load term for descriptor: Array ( [field] => slug [value] => home [taxonomy] => category ) in /.../carbon-fields/core/Exception/
 Stack trace:
 #0 /.../carbon-fields/core/Toolset/WP_Toolset.php(76): Carbon_Fields\Exception\Incorrect_Syntax_Exception::raise('Failed to load ...')
 #1 /.../carbon-fields/core/Toolset/WP_Toolset.php(94): Carbon_Fields\Toolset\WP_Toolset->get_term_by_descriptor(Array)
 #2 /.../carbon-fields/core/Container/Condition/Term_Condition.php(55): Carbon_Fields\Toolset\WP_Toolset->wildcard_term_descriptor_to_full_term_descriptor(Array)
 #3 /.../carbon-fields/core/Container/Fulfilla in /.../carbon-fields/core/Exception

Why is it happens?

Thomas Seitz
Hey :-) i have a media field, is it possible to get the source url instaed of the attachment id in the rest api? with the hook "rest_api_init" it seems to be too early to get access to the carbon fields... have anyone some ideas?
Ankit Javiya
How to add carbon fields as custom field in woocommerce product with WP Emerge theme.
any one have idea, about this
Ankit Javiya
@ascaroit : you have any idea how to add carbon fields in woocommerce product page
Hello, guys! Does anybody know, how-to add theme_options page in the Woo settings
Container::make( 'post_meta', 'Product Properties' )
->where( 'post_type', '=', 'product' )
->add_fields( array(
Henrik Wirth
Hi guys. I'm trying to use Carbon Field to create an Admin Settings page for WPGraphQL. Is there some good examples for more complex admin pages than in the documentation?
Leon Grünewald
Heya, how long does it usually take you guys to include a pull request? Don't wanna push on anything, just curious.
I'm having a problem with carbonfield, missing preview image.
Matheus Paiva
hi guys, does anyone know if this plugin is going to be discontinued in a near future? I see that there is very little movement here and at github. I have a project that depends on carbon fields and I love it. But now I am starting a new one, and I wonder if it is a wise idea to depend on it again, knowing its development is in a very slow pace.
3 replies
I am not trying to push anyone here, I just want to start a discussion about the subject.
Ionuț Staicu
well, let's hope they won't release a v4 that will trash backward compatibility ^_^
on a more serious note, i thihk they stated at some point that the focus is on wp emerge, so there is that
Matheus Paiva
So, here we have a dead end. So we have two possibilities:
  • trying to keep this project alive (even if it means to fork it)
  • or migrating to ACF
Hi everyone
I am using version 3.1.20 in the form of a plugin, all fields work fine except for select it correctly shows in the admin panel but does not save in the database, tell me the correct approach

public function strides_get_products()

Container::make('term_meta', 'Slider Category Properties')
Field::make('text','strides_category_title','Title for Category'),
Field::make('image','strides_category_background','Background for Category')
Field::make('image','strides_category_icon','Icon for Category')
Field::make('select', 'strides_category_prodct_id', 'Product For Slider 1')
->add_options(array($this, 'strides_get_products_for_tab')),
// ->add_options( array(1=> 'one', 2=> 'two', 3=> 'four') ),

public function strides_get_products_for_tab()
$args = array(
'post_type' => 'product',
'numberposts' => 300,
'tax_query' => array(
'relation' => 'OR',
'taxonomy' => 'product_cat',
'field' => 'id',
'terms' => $_GET['tag_ID'],
$products = get_posts($args);
$prod[0] = 'Do not choose';
if (!empty($products)) {
foreach ($products as $product) {
$prod[$product->ID] = $product->post_title;
$this->slide_products = $prod;

return $prod;

Tom K.
Is there a 'quick' way to add a post meta field to the posts quick edit options?
Or another way to bulk edit a post meta field perhaps?
Hi everyone, could somebody point me to right direction on how include CF in own plugin which has autoloader from wppb.me. I am JS dev and sometimes I am ripping my hair with PHP. Thanks :)
Unfortunately I don't know nothing about composer and everything I've found on google is useless for me
Ridwan Arifandi
hi @Rados51 , what OS are you using? if your OS is UNIX based, it will be easier to use composer. I too use wppb.me and composer to use CF
Matheus Paiva
out of curiosity: carbon-fields is made by HTMLburger?
because I found this and I don't understand it: https://in-houseteam.com/case-studies/carbon-fields
Atanas Angelov
Take a look at the bottom-right of the footer :)
Matheus Paiva
So in-houseteam and HTMLburger are the same :)
Are there any examples of using the $attributes and $inner_blocks parameters in a block's render_callback function? When I try to access either of these, I get an empty array and nothin', respectively.
Hi folds, the carbon fields does not work with wordpress 4.4
once i activate it, the page editor doesn't show the content. It appears in white font.
i got this error:PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method WP_Screen::is_block_editor() in C:\www........\wp-content\plugins\carbon-fields\vendor\htmlburger\carbon-fields\core\Loader\Loader.php on line 143
Adam Wills

I'm currently having an issue with WP_Query, and not sure how to tackle. I'm modifying the WP_Query that is being used to generate the sitemap so that I can show/hide pages based on carbon fields elements. The results are not what I'm expecting. I've dug deeper, and it seems that the raw query is being modified by carbon fields.

Specifically, this line: AND wp_2_postmeta.meta_key = 'carbon_fields:_my_custom_field'

Since there is no meta key with carbon_fields:_my_custom_field, (only _my_custom_field), the results are not correct.
I don't see any way to disable the appended carbon_fields: - is there something that I'm missing?
Adam Wills
It turns out it was this issue: htmlburger/carbon-fields#896
Tom K.
When will there be a new release (including this important fix: htmlburger/carbon-fields@11c7b13 )?