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Repo info
    Justin Kromlinger
    Oh and peer calculation works fine, my bad.
    Hey guys, sorry that this is such a dumb question, but how the hell do I install this on Windows?
    Justin Kromlinger
    @bbrown43 Download the executable from and call it from cmd as told in the Rea
    *in the
    You can place it wherever you want and install it as a service if needed.
    I read the readme and I'm still incredibly confused
    How do i call it from CMD?
    Justin Kromlinger
    Shift+Right click in the folder of the cardigann.exe offers you an option to open a terminal at the current path. Then you just type
    cardigann server
    And the server will start
    You can then open http://localhost:5060/ in your browser @bbrown43
    How do you specify the path to the conf. in Cardigann?
    Hi guys. I'm trying to specify a custom definition by using an existing one as a template.
    I made the edits that were needed to the .yml but when I put the new yml in the appropriate directory and select it from the server interface and add it, it still expects a username/password combo rather than a session cookie which (I thought) the mod I made correctly
    I looked at the yml for SceneTime since it uses a session cookie and copied the login: section from there overwriting the login: section in the torrentbytes.yml which originally was asking for a user/password. I renamed the .yml to test in both the filename and in the line within the file but is there something else which is somehow associating the test.yml to the internal torrentbytes.yml?
    Ok, so I figured out that issue. Spent the last two hours compiling and testing different variations of the torrentbytes.yaml to no avail. I'm open to ideas
    guess I'll have ta run jackett for now.
    Rafael Vieira Santos

    Hey, Guys (@all)!! I need filter year of the query before make search. For example, query is clue (1980) when the correct is clue.

    I try this:

        path: pesquisa.php
          # workaroud to remove year in search keywords
          - name: replace
            args: ["([1-2]\\d{3})", ""]
          - name: replace
            args: ["[^a-zA-Z0-9]+", "%"]
          busca: "{{ .Query.Keywords }}"
          selector: table#tbltorrent > tbody > tr[data-id]
    Jan Grewe
    Hi all! I'm just trying out Cardigann with SickRage (the SickeBeard fork), and there are two things i'm wondering about:
    a) When ran from a systemd unit (or even manually with "service run"), i always get 404s
    b) When ran with "server", i get the web interface, but caps doesn't seem to be supported, so SickRage ignores Cardigann: [Cardigann] :: Request failed: 404 Client Error: Not Found for url:**********&t=caps
    I first tried with v1.10.0, now also v1.9.12
    Jan Grewe
    argh, nevermind. I figured out i need to use the copied Torznab URL, not just point it to Cardigann's root
    Johan Spånberg
    Using on Raspbian: How come when I use "cardigann server" everything works perfectly, but when I use it as a service it doesn't work and web interface first says "authorizing" and then "404 not found"=
    Scott McCollough
    1.10.1 doesn't work as a service for me either. 1.9.12 does though.
    Lewis Dexter Litanzios
    hey all, do cardigann and jackett share definitions - i see jackett has mvgroup which i'd like to see in cardigann?
    hi everyone, trying to get cardigann to work for the first time. 1.10.1 works in server mode but not in service mode. Going back to 1.9.12 makes it not work at all. Any advice?
    edge doesnt work either
    Hello, is anyone on?
    for some reason cardigann is not getting any results when i try and search IP tor
    hi ..i just install this software, and i noticed that when i add iptorrents there is no user/pass ? there is other way to add this ?
    Lewis Dexter Litanzios
    hey @Seeveen
    if you login and grab the cookie from your browser and input that it should contain the info cardigann needs (e.g. username and password)
    not a member of that website but it probably uses a captcha so automating the login is a little more complex on the cardigann side
    cardigann uses a cookie instead
    since this will contain session info
    just a guess but i will assume this is what's going on
    hope that helps - feel free to post any issues and hopefully someone will help
    if you can't find a tutorial on grabbing your session cookie let me know
    if you have a iptorrents invite i can help you with specifics

    Hello! I have a encoding problem that I need help. I am setting up cardigann against a vietnamese tracker and they use charaters like: ỹ as in an artist named Mỹ Tâm. In Lidarr, I can see it maps it correctly to the corresponding unicode: NzbSearchService: Searching 1 indexers for [M<E1><BB><B9> T<C3><A2>m - T<C3><A2>m (2013)]. It then submit a search to Cardigann: [Trace] HttpClient: Req: [GET] http://localhost:5060/torznab/music/api?t=search&cat=3000,3010,3020,3030,3040&extended=1&apikey=123456789&offset=0&limit=100&q=M<E1><BB><B9> T<C3><A2>m T<C3><A2>m. In Cardigann, everything seems ok: `level=debug msg="Finished row 3" data="map[downloadvolumefactor:1 uploadvolumefactor:1 download:torrents.php?action=download&id=2664&authkey=123456&torrentid=2664#torrent2664 date:3 months ago grabs:86 title:M

    <E1><BB><B9> T<C3><A2>m - T<C3><A2>m 9 [2017] [Album]\t\t\t\tFLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue / CD / Freeleech! files:37 size:379.90 MB seeders:11 leechers:0]" row=3 site=music , but when I look back in Lidarr, I see:[Debug] DownloadDecisionMaker: Processing release 'M T<C3><A2>m - T<C3><A2>m 9 [2017] [Album] FLAC / Lossless / Log (100%) / Cue / CD / Freeleech!'`.

    A closer look at it, it seems like unicode characters that uses triplets, e.
    g. <E1><BB><B9> in M<E1><BB><B9> is removed.
    Any clue how to debug that Cardigann really transfer all the bytes/ character needed for truly unicode support?
    is anyone still developing on this software ?
    i installed this as a service but when i try to access the page i get 404 page not found, any idea how to fix this please ?
    Hi there, does anyone get this working under synology DSM ? thank you in advance for reply
    without the need docker
    Hi, does anyone know where to add a new tracker to cardigann? so far i've added a custom definition file in %APPDATA%/cardigann/definitions and cardigann does not see it (in the webpage dropdown list localhost:5060)