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Sep 2016
Belleve Invis
Sep 21 2016 08:57
@behdad @schriftgestalt I'd like to do some refactor to make otfcc a library that can be used in some typeface editors
Behdad Esfahbod
Sep 21 2016 09:01
Belleve Invis
Sep 21 2016 09:02
separate out the JSON part
and separate the glyph_order into two hashmaps
Georg Seifert
Sep 21 2016 13:09
What I would need (and really like to have) is a way to build a cff table object directly and then otfcc can give me the binary data of the cff table. Everything else (writing all other tables) I can do myself.
Cosimo Lupo
Sep 21 2016 13:16
Well fonttools can, and ufo2ft uses that to make a CFF table
Belleve Invis
Sep 21 2016 14:28
@schriftgestalt Well the CFF writer in otfcc is (mostly) self-contained
but it takes a table_glyf as the storage of outlines.
caryll_buffer *table_build_CFF(table_CFFAndGlyf cffAndGlyf, const caryll_Options *options);
returns a buffer represents the binary result of the CFF table.