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Sep 2016
Rahul Muttineni
Sep 28 2016 03:58 UTC
@carymrobbins I'm not sure it's built for recoverability - most likely we'll have to do that ourselves. How about haskell-src-exts? I'm working on getting the basic libraries in for GHCVM and that library shouldn't be too far off.
@LeanderK Great work so far.
Cary Robbins
Sep 28 2016 04:00 UTC
@rahulmutt - haskell-src-exts may work actually
i think it may have the same problems with recovery, though
Rahul Muttineni
Sep 28 2016 04:01 UTC
We'll have to patch it. I think none of the existing Haskell parsers needs to deal with recoverability anyways.