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Oct 2017
Oct 04 2017 14:52
Hey! Just a little newbie question: if I want to debug the plugin, I need to be on a linux machine, right?
On a win10 I get this for runIde:
:runJFlex FAILED <snip...> CreateProcess error=193, %1 is not a valid Win32 application
Cary Robbins
Oct 04 2017 15:10
hey there @ShrykeWindgrace
so i only recently introduced the gradle plugin
and i haven't used windows in a while
i don't think you need to worry about debugging it if you are trying to hack on the lexer/parser
all that code is generated and hard to follow
you are probably better off using the PsiViewer plugin to view parse trees and writing unit tests
see the Testing section of the parser docs
there is a channel for the gradle intellij plugin, @zolotov is the main dev for that project. i'm that channel too btw
^^ that's the channel
Oct 04 2017 16:06
@carymrobbins Great, thanks!