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Jan 2018
Mark Eibes
Jan 13 2018 10:22
I started on this a little bit but I am struggling with inserting the import at the right place.
Another problem I had, was that for some reason I got the logic the wrong way around: 1. Notice that this is an unknown symbol -> provide import intention -> (in the intention check if we can even find the import) suggest any 1 of the results, because I don't know how to ask which import the user means
Most of this is now general questions about intelliJ plugin/language plugin dev, I guess.
Mark Eibes
Jan 13 2018 10:29
Well actually I'm also having a bit of trouble understanding the names like HaskellImpdecl
Mark Eibes
Jan 13 2018 10:49
Actually, don't tell me, I want to try myself a bit more.
Cary Robbins
Jan 13 2018 16:07
@i-am-the-slime sounds like you're making great progress. Don't hesitate to reach out if you are blocked.