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Dec 2018
Andrei Dziahel
Dec 19 2018 13:49
hey @carymrobbins, are there any plans on adopting Eta for plugin development?
Rahul Muttineni
Dec 19 2018 15:21
@develop7 @carymrobbins was working on the Eta Intellij plugin which is written (in as much as Eta’s interop features allow) in Eta itself. A lot of it took inspiration from haskforce code, so when Eta can compile GHC & support more interop features, haskforce should be able to use Eta completely w/o depending on other languages.
Andrei Dziahel
Dec 19 2018 16:24
@rahulmutt got it, thanks!
Cary Robbins
Dec 19 2018 16:54
@rahulmutt @develop7 The most recent stuff i think is in the eta-ide branch. There's also some Psi parser combinators for building intellij parsers which is pretty nice.