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Apr 2015
James Griffiths
Apr 26 2015 13:44
looks like it already sends off emails to multiple users
made some changes, on the live site. a lot of bug fixes
James Griffiths
Apr 26 2015 15:27
sent an email to becks informing her of the changes
On the accounts page:
Editing and deleting users is fully functional (also edits/removes them on the mailing list).
Typeahead has been added for editing custom ids (autocompletes with current selection on click or tab)
Alerts appear in the top-right when an action is taken (account creation, updating, deletion) notifying the admin of their success or not.

On the reports page:
Some minor styling has been done. There is also now a counter for the number of rows currently being displayed in the viewer on the right.
A bug was fixed where the 'approved' panel was incorrectly displaying unapproved posts.

Approving a report for a custom id now sends emails to any registered accounts with that customid that are still on the mailing list.
CSV parsing has been improved - you should now be able to upload reports that have been downloaded from youtube or the website and any edits will be recognised. It is also possible to upload portions of a report with the edits being recognised (for example, if you download a single custom id report, edit it offline, then upload it). Rows from an uploaded csv always take priority over those in the database.
James Griffiths
Apr 26 2015 17:12
do you know the mailgun details still?
Apr 26 2015 17:21
no its not under her details which in hindsight was a stupid idea
it’s still logged in on my computert though if you wanted to change anything
James Griffiths
Apr 26 2015 17:22
shes saying she's not getting an email, could you check if her email is on the mailing list?