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Oct 2015
Oct 19 2015 08:30
ahh yeah, I saw her email a couple of days ago and now the COO wants to chat
looks like they've expanded a bit since we worked together
and changed the name to Laika ha
Oct 19 2015 21:23
I’m happy to respond and find out a bit more about what they’re thinking
@MIJOTHY would you want to/have time to stay involved in the project?
I guess that might depend what they’re asking
@beechware do you still check gitter mate?
James Griffiths
Oct 19 2015 23:24
yeah let's find out, but it's likely i wont have time, what with wanting to explore too
would be fun though
we could pass it over to some other faccers if they wanted it
you're busy jobbing i guess?