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Jun 2016
Jun 28 2016 00:03
Thanks for the info Matt, I got Ruby2 installed and have made much progress, but have hit another roadblock. When I installed transrate last week, it installed salmon v0.6.0 and snap-aligner version 1.0dev.96 in the transrate bin directory. I have those in my PATH, so I can do "which salmon" and "which snap-aligner". But, when I run transfuse, it seems to be looking for other versions of these software, and it will exit with this message:Not installed:
  • vsearch:1.8.0
  • snap:1.0beta.18
  • salmon:0.4
I have run transfuse -n (and transfuse -n -v) and it "reinstalls" these software, but I can't figure out where it is installing them, to add them to my path, so every time I try to run transfuse, it can't find them. Do you know where they are installed and which versions I should really have installed? Thanks!
Jun 28 2016 00:20
Finally found it in /home/mbritton/.local/bin/ ... transfuse seems to now be running!
Matt MacManes
Jun 28 2016 00:50