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Jul 2016
Graham Etherington
Jul 06 2016 11:18
@monicabritton I had the same problem (see 05 May above) and in the end gave up using Transfuse to directly asses individual assemblies. Instead I followed Chris Boursnell's directions (see 10 Feb further up) on how to run Transrate on each assembly and then use Transfuse once Transrate has finished. That worked.
Richard Smith-Unna
Jul 06 2016 12:13
@monicabritton ah yes, @ethering is right
probably the issue is one of the bugs in older versions of transrate (or to be more specific, older versions of SNAP)
using the latest transrate should solve it
I think @cboursnell is away at the moment but when he returns hopefully he can update the transrate version that transfuse uses