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Nov 2016
Rob Patro
Nov 03 2016 05:40
Hey guys, I think that the issue with the old version of salmon is that's it's before we had the "robust" binary building process. There were some strange libc issues in certain places. That has mostly gone (probably completely, but don't want to jinx it) away since I switched to Holy Build Box for making the binaries.
Matt MacManes
Nov 03 2016 10:19
so @cboursnell, how long does it take once 0.5 is pushed to rubygems for it to show up? Seems like this might be easiest workaround for me, at the moment.
Lavinia Gordon
Nov 03 2016 22:53
Ran transfuse on 13 transcriptomes, very nice!, big fan, getting great metrics. Two queries, one of the output files, * is empty, should I be concerned? Also can I confirm what the columns in _transfuse_cons_scores.csv are? (five columns - contig name, then four numerical columns, no header). Many thanks!