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Jan 2017
Roger Huerlimann
Jan 12 2017 01:09
I'm quite excited to use transfuse on my assemblies and I was wondering what the difference between the two output files .fa and _cons.fa is?
Chris Boursnell
Jan 12 2017 15:23
The _cons.fa file is consensus sequences from the clustering. This is filtered using transrate again to give the final output. You might find that they might not be very different, but often the final output is another improvement over just the consensus sequences. Hope this helps :)
Roger Huerlimann
Jan 12 2017 22:23
Ah, I see! :smile: thanks! Are the "good" reads from transrate taken into account? My consensus file has 73,073 contigs, the good.* file has 45,420 contigs, and the final output has 72,665 contigs. It looks like the filtering from consensus to final is less stringent than the filtering in transrate?