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Oct 2015
Christophe Bucher
Oct 09 2015 06:32
@HoverBaum Typically, you have this error when you try to use a 64 bit shell with a 32 bit version of ConsoleZ. Download the ConsoleZ version adapted to your OS.
Sami Greenbury
Oct 09 2015 11:08
Hey All
When I press Ctrl + C I'd prefer it to just sent Ctrl & C to the shell I'm running (git bash or sh is what I'm trying), but instead it's closing (whether it's quitting the console and then closing the tab or just closing the tab I'm not sure?)
This is the behaviour I used to have in Console2, but it seems to no longer work there either. Rather confusing, I have updated Git and it's friends which may be the root of the problem I guess?
Any suggestions/tips/things to look at?
If I open ssh.exe or bash.exe not through ConsoleZ, Ctrl + C does nothing but clears the terminal input - exactly what I'd like it to do in ConsoleZ
Oct 09 2015 12:33
@cbucher thanks for getting back to me. I tried using chocolatey to install the correct version. Still getting the same error when running it and still not sure how to change appearance. Maybe someone could just point me to a way to reset everything and a good tutorial to get me started?