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Oct 2015
Christophe Bucher
Oct 28 2015 15:26
@blaster151 A download link to what? (Releases can be downloaded from the project site...)
Garrett D'Amore
Oct 28 2015 16:12
So I’m curious… does ConsoleZ support ANSI color escapes, and if so, which ones and for how many colors (ok, ANSI/ECMA-48 are only 16, but xterm defines extensions for 8-bit and 24-bit color.
(I’m trying to survey methods to do this to enable richer color console applications using my go library — )
Garrett D'Amore
Oct 28 2015 19:36
FYI, when running some of my demo apps, ConsoleZ seems to crash. Stock cmd.exe and conemu are fine though.