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Jan 2016
Christophe Bucher
Jan 14 2016 07:05
@yoshiwaan go to hotkeys settings and clear the hotkey (by default "group all" command is CTRL-G)
Jan 14 2016 17:10
It seems like when my computer crashes (and I have to do a resulting hard shut down), the next time I try to open ConsoleZ, a window just briefly opens and closes immediately after. Has anyone ran into this issue?
Jan 14 2016 18:27
I pulled the source and built in debug. It seems like it's due to a DLL injection timeout.
This is strange because it happens to Console2 and ConsoleZ only when my computer previously crashed. Otherwise it's fine. I booted into safe mode, opened and closed the application, and now it works again.
Yoshi Spendiff
Jan 14 2016 22:29
@cbucher Brilliant, thank you. Now that I know it's not a bug it's a useful feature!