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Feb 2016
Jadran Kotnik
Feb 07 2016 08:51
Wouldn't it be possible to read the screen buffer less frequently for non active tabs?
The active tab can still refresh at the current rate, but if the background tabs refreshed at a slower rate it wouldn't really hurt anything, would it?
Even if it was raised up to 200ms or something similar it shouldn't impact feedback much.
Feb 07 2016 22:29
Hey, I'm using ConsoleZ with powershell "behind the scenes". It's working great. But now I'm trying to do a powershell script and I need to load a module. I run Import-Module PSFTP which works in a regular Powershell Window but in ConsoleZ I get Import-Module : The specified module 'PSFTP' was not loaded because no valid module file was found in any module directory.. I have checked that the PSModulePath is set correctly (and it is): $env:PSModulePath
Any ideas on what could be wrong?