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Jun 2017
Asis Hallab
Jun 29 2017 13:41
Hello everyone!
I have a couple of questions concerning ConsoleZ.
First, how do I make ConsoleZ send Ctrl+Space to the underlying terminal/console. Somehow Ctrl+Space is not received there. I tested this within a docker linux installation where my tmux setup uses Ctrl+Space as a "prefix". It is definitely not received there.
Second question is how to enable different cursor shapes. I'm using neovim and have it set up so that in insert mode the cursor is a pipe "|"and in normal mode the cursor is a block "[]".
Third question is more like a feature request: Is there any way to get back the "Import" function of color-schemes. I tried this repository's [] installation guide, but could not find the Import button referenced within the guide.
Help will be much appreciated
Jun 29 2017 17:09
Just started working with Snippets, which are great. But can I insert a snippet that skips presentation of the MessageBox? That creates an extra click or keystroke.