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Jun 2017
Christophe Bucher
Jun 30 2017 06:15
@DaveBender You cannot skip presentation of the MessageBox. You can include a final return in snippet command: pressing enter in MessageBox will launch the command.
Christophe Bucher
Jun 30 2017 06:33
first: I will check if CTRL+Space is correctly send to console. But it can be a limitation of your shell or a bug (#335).
second: ConsoleZ cannot be aware of cursor shape or insert mode in a console application.
third: Settings/ConsoleZ/Tabs/Colors & Cursors

@rodvieirasilva No
Every shell manage history of commands in a different way.
There is an API in win32 console to read console history, but:

  • there is no way to insert a command in the history
  • only Microsoft shells read this history

ConsoleZ don't interpret the keys you stroke and don't know what is a command. So manage a command history at ConsoleZ level is impossible.