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Christophe Bucher

People, if you really want this bug be fixed you should massively ask about progress here: Microsoft/BashOnWindows#111

It seems Visual Studio Code will use winpty as workaround.
Microsoft has not planned to fix this bug because too few people has complained and some applications wrote workaround.
If you want Microsoft developers change their mind, show them you care about this bug!

I don't know if workarounds are 100% functional...

Jadran Kotnik
Hmm... any progress on workspaces?
Christophe Bucher

Hmm... any progress on workspaces?

available in experimental versions since some weeks

Christophe Bucher
version has been released
Please try it. Feedback will be appreciated.
Christophe Bucher
Stable version should be released next week.
Just waiting for translations.
Christophe Bucher
Stable version has been released.
Christophe Bucher
Beta version has been released.
Christophe Bucher
Stable version has been released.
Jadran Kotnik
InnitialCommand is an awkward name. Should've been ShellArguments/Arguments given what it's actually used for
Other than that, workspaces work great.
Christophe Bucher

@Lunatrius I think you're right.
"Initial command" can be found everywhere in code and documentation (-r command line argument). This parameter is simply concatenated to the shell command line.
It can be used to pass

  • an initial command
    console -t cmd -r "dir /b"
    where shell (in cmd tab settings) is cmd.exe /K
  • or arguments
    console -t cmd -r "/K """dir /b""""
    where shell (in cmd tab settings) is cmd.exe

Previous author probably designed the feature thinking to the first case.
It implies replacing "initial command" in code, documentation and workspace XML schema.

Jadran Kotnik
Oh, I see. So it's a legacy thing. It was just a random thought while I was looking at the XML structure of the workspace file.
Christophe Bucher
I started to replace "initial command" occurrences.
Christophe Bucher
#432 People, who are interested by this feature, can comment here.
Christophe Bucher
Windows 10 Creators Update Problems, Privacy Invasion & Petition for Change
Sign the petition to CEO of Microsoft to provide and 'off' option
Tejas Gupta
I accidentally turned the menu view off in the view options, how do I get it better?
get it back*
I've already uninstalled and reinstall, but the problem persists
can consolez be used like putty?
i.e. can i maintain a list of preconfigured ssh connections with auth info, tunneling and all set up?
Christophe Bucher
@TomyLobo You can use ConsoleZ with OpenSSh for Windows. You can configure, for example, a different tab per target computer.
Rodrigo Vieira da Silva
the console supports historical commands?
after I close the application
Asis Hallab
Hello everyone!
I have a couple of questions concerning ConsoleZ.
First, how do I make ConsoleZ send Ctrl+Space to the underlying terminal/console. Somehow Ctrl+Space is not received there. I tested this within a docker linux installation where my tmux setup uses Ctrl+Space as a "prefix". It is definitely not received there.
Second question is how to enable different cursor shapes. I'm using neovim and have it set up so that in insert mode the cursor is a pipe "|"and in normal mode the cursor is a block "[]".
Third question is more like a feature request: Is there any way to get back the "Import" function of color-schemes. I tried this repository's [https://github.com/joonro/ConsoleZ-Color-Themes] installation guide, but could not find the Import button referenced within the guide.
Help will be much appreciated
Just started working with Snippets, which are great. But can I insert a snippet that skips presentation of the MessageBox? That creates an extra click or keystroke.
Christophe Bucher
@DaveBender You cannot skip presentation of the MessageBox. You can include a final return in snippet command: pressing enter in MessageBox will launch the command.
Christophe Bucher
first: I will check if CTRL+Space is correctly send to console. But it can be a limitation of your shell or a bug (#335).
second: ConsoleZ cannot be aware of cursor shape or insert mode in a console application.
third: Settings/ConsoleZ/Tabs/Colors & Cursors

@rodvieirasilva No
Every shell manage history of commands in a different way.
There is an API in win32 console to read console history, but:

  • there is no way to insert a command in the history
  • only Microsoft shells read this history

ConsoleZ don't interpret the keys you stroke and don't know what is a command. So manage a command history at ConsoleZ level is impossible.

Andrew Spiers
Hi, when I run consoleZ in full screen, it doesn't seem to use the whole of my screen. There is an area at the bottom of the screen of about 8 lines of text that is not used. Is there any way to work around this?
Andrew Spiers
in the ConsoleZ settings, on the "Console" page, Window size is set to 25 * 80, and I have a lot more than 25 rows displaying, so that setting seems to be right.
Hi, can I ask you why you removed the link to the Scoop package?
Christophe Bucher

add a new download link (same level/size as other download links) with my permission: ok

add a new download link at the top level in bigger size without my permission: not ok
(This is dishonest because it seems that I advise to use scoop to install my application.)

I woke up and saw a new download link resembling a big advertisement for something I do not know and which also has links to an unknown repository (unknown to me). For security for users, my first reflex is to delete this link and then study scoop.

I will add a new download link (same level/size as other download links) for scoop.

David Malehase
hi, which version can i use for windows XP?
Hello ! I read in github that I should ask questions about ConsoleZ here, so here is my question : I have been using ConsoleZ for a very long time along with an autoit script creating the tabs and launching commands inside each of them (also I want to keep track of the tabs, so they must remain open and possibly give the prompt back). I know I could use a workspace configuration file for creating tabs but I haven't been able to use the ShellArguments attribute in View tags to automatically launch commands once a tab is created. I guess this is more an issue related to the shell I am using (it is git bash in windows) but if you know any trick I can use to have the configuration file contain the starting commands, I would be glad to know ! Thanks !
Christophe Bucher
Hello! Try to create bash scripts with commands and to use --init-file in ShellArguments.
Ah, it works ! Really cool thanks ! I had been trying things way more convoluted than that actually :D
I don't know a lot about linux but it seems to open a subshell when you do that ?

Hi Christophe!
I also have been using ConsoleZ for years and think it is great-work and invaluable!

:bulb: Couple of related questions in one post (sorry ;-):
[Q.a] Have you already thought about or discussed "tear-off" of tabs and moving tabs between CZ windows?
[Q.b] Moving a given view in a "split" in/out as discrete tab?
[Q.c] Is their ongoing work to integrate PseudoConsoles?
[Q.d] Thoughts on supporting thousands/millions of colors like Win10 console?

Christophe Bucher


[Q. a] It implies being able to detach and reattach a view (shell) from a CZ instance to another. Actually it is not technically possible. Same dll cannot be injected too times.
CZ instance and shell communicate through shared objects. These shared objects are created in CZ instance and opened in shell. Detach the view means destroy those shared objects.
I tried to reopen shared objects in a loop (in case another CZ instance recreates shared objects) but without success.
Create shared objects in shell has security issues.

[Q. b] We can already

  • merge two tabs (vertically/horizontally)
  • clone a view in a new tab
    We can add a new command to move a view (or a zoom) into a new tab.

Is something missing ?

[Q c & Q d] There is no ongoing work to integrate Pseudo console. Actually I have no time for dong this alone.


Ok, I think I understand. I very much appreciate your quick response. Thank you!

Is anything like this ConEmu style embedding possible now?

Hi everyone. Does anybody knows if it's possible to bind mouse doubleclick to an action, e.g. 'select word'?
Steve Carter
Great application. used daily at home and work. I'd like to build it and play with it, but I'm stuck. I am using visual studio 2017 express. It's finding the windows headers now I've "retargeted" the SDK, and I've unzipped boost 1_57 and edited and renamed the .user.template files... But now there are two headers I can't find.
// Generated from the TEXTINCLUDE 2 resource.

include "afxres.h"

I don't know how to generate this header ... any hints where to look next?
LOL just writing that down unblocked my brain. I'm installing MFC now ...