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    George Xanthakis
    @kuznetsss_gitlab I think there is an option to limit the number of threads that create the index.
    Hi, Guys, I use /clang+llvm-8.0.0-x86_64-linux-gnu-ubuntu-14.04 prebuild version to complier ccls. It compiler succ. but neovim tell me. the ccls server crash five times and will not be restart. can anyone help me?
    Ginger Old
    how can I get rid of ccls's c++17 extension warning, using vim(not vscode), is there a place to set some flags that ccls will use to detect syntax warnings and such?
    with -Wno-c++17-extensions my g++ and clang++ can build without warnings, but vim/ccls keeps warning, not sure how to silence it
    Ginger Old
    ok I figured it out, I need add the flags to clang/extraArgs in ccls
    Ginger Old
    I only need ccls for autocompletion, I use ale for linter, is there a way to disable ccls for lintering?
    for example extraArgs has -Wold-style-cast, which is useful for c++, but ccls will also apply it to c code and issue false warnings
    Ginger Old
    Set to false to disable diagnostic display, default: true
    Does anyone know how to disable the progress indicator- i.e. "indexing ... x%" in emacs-ccls?
    Bogdan Burlacu
    hi, I have a problem where ccls does not find headers from paths specified in cmake with target_include_directories, I am running cmake with -DCMAKE_EXPORT_COMPILE_COMMANDS.
    using nvim/LanguageClient-neovim. /tmp/cc.log does not show anything unusual
    David Manouchehri
    How do I build ccls with a certain version of clang?
    clang --version # works
    dave@ubuntu:~/ccls$ clang --version
    Ubuntu clang version 12.0.0-++20200817091410+a206f850912-1~exp1~20200817072030.1875
    Target: x86_64-pc-linux-gnu
    Thread model: posix
    InstalledDir: /usr/bin
    dave@ubuntu:~/ccls$ ccls --version
    Ubuntu ccls version 0.20190823.6-23-g4cf16a7e
    clang version 10.0.1-++20200809072545+ef32c611aa2-1~exp1~20200809173142.193
    dave@ubuntu:~/ccls$ rm -rf Release && cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++ -GNinja -H. -BRelease && ninja -C Release && sudo /home/dave/bin/depot_tools/ninja -C Release install
    -- The CXX compiler identification is Clang 12.0.0
    -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/clang++
    -- Check for working CXX compiler: /usr/bin/clang++ -- works
    -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info
    -- Detecting CXX compiler ABI info - done
    -- Detecting CXX compile features
    -- Detecting CXX compile features - done
    -- Setting build type to 'Release' as none was specified.
    -- Looking for C++ include pthread.h
    -- Looking for C++ include pthread.h - found
    -- Looking for pthread_create
    -- Looking for pthread_create - not found
    -- Check if compiler accepts -pthread
    -- Check if compiler accepts -pthread - yes
    -- Found Threads: TRUE  
    -- Found ZLIB: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libz.so (found version "1.2.11") 
    -- Using local RapidJSON
    -- Configuring done
    -- Generating done
    -- Build files have been written to: /home/dave/ccls/Release
    ninja: Entering directory `Release'
    [43/43] Linking CXX executable ccls
    ninja: Entering directory `Release'
    [0/1] Install the project...
    -- Install configuration: "Release"
    -- Installing: /usr/local/bin/ccls
    -- Set runtime path of "/usr/local/bin/ccls" to ""
    dave@ubuntu:~/ccls$ ccls --version
    Ubuntu ccls version 0.20190823.6-23-g4cf16a7e
    clang version 10.0.1-++20200809072545+ef32c611aa2-1~exp1~20200809173142.193
    dave@ubuntu:~/ccls$ /usr/local/bin/ccls --version
    Ubuntu ccls version 0.20190823.6-23-g4cf16a7e
    clang version 10.0.1-++20200809072545+ef32c611aa2-1~exp1~20200809173142.193
    This is driving me slightly insane :/
    ah finally got it
    rm -rf Release && cmake -DCMAKE_CXX_COMPILER=clang++ -DCMAKE_PREFIX_PATH=/usr/lib/llvm-12 -DLLVM_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/lib/llvm-12/include -DLLVM_BUILD_INCLUDE_DIR=/usr/include/llvm-12/ -GNinja -H. -BRelease && ninja -C Release && sudo /home/dave/bin/depot_tools/ninja -C Release install
    David Manouchehri
    Does "delta: 0" mean ccls had to reindex it?
    David Manouchehri
    it seems like when I run ccls from the terminal, it's still missing a lot of files that end up getting indexed when I open VS Code
    I installed ccls package on Ubuntu and coc-ccls on Coc but I get this error:
    [coc.nvim] Unable to load global extension at /home/ujjwal/.config/coc/extensions/node_modules/coc-ccls: main file ./lib/extension.js not found, you may need to build the project.
    How do I work around this?
    Qiming zhao
    Don't use coc-ccls, it's broken on npm
    Leonardo Romor
    is anyone available for to answer a question?
    George Xanthakis
    @lromor Ask your question and if somebody can help you, he will reply.
    Sumagna Das
    i use ide-ccls with atom and i just want to ask how to add extra include paths for ccls
    Sumagna Das
    any way to do that?
    Kevin Brubeck Unhammer
    Hi, after installing libgcc-10-dev on Ubuntu (for one project that needed it), all my regular gcc-9 projects get problems like https://github.com/MaskRay/ccls/wiki/FAQ#some-cc-headers-are-not-recognized – how do I tell ccls that I'm on gcc-9? I tried putting the include path into a .ccls but it still fails http://sprunge.us/E4vOOG
    (it starts working again when I apt remove libgcc-10-dev, but that's unfortunately a dep of libgccjit which is a runtime dep of something else :-/)
    Tried both -I/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/9/include and -I/usr/lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/9, doesn't seem to make any difference
    on a minimal c++ file like http://sprunge.us/9lD6bB
    $ clang -E -v -xc++ says Selected GCC installation: /usr/bin/../lib/gcc/x86_64-linux-gnu/10 so I suppose that's related – can I override that in .ccls?
    I've defined the include_directories(src) in CMakeLists.txt file and thus changed all quotes "" includes to <> angled ones. The project builds successfully but ccls is unnecessarily showing "file not found" Error.
    how can i set ccls runnable path for a specific project?
    Hi, ccls doesn't build on my windows machine. I've successfully built llvm+clang and generated the ninja build files for ccls just fine, but when I go to build it I get errors. https://pastebin.com/9AyRhZS1
    Qiming zhao
    试着 disable 它的 buffer :h b:coc_enabled
    Hi, ccls cannot recognize <cstring> in C++ file, it just cannot find memset function
    any suggesstions?
    Seth Gower
    hello, I am trying to use ccls with ALE in neovim for dynamic syntax highlighting. I am not sure if it is a ccls problem or ALE problem, but the custom types aren't being highlighted. Anyone have suggestions?
    GoToDefinition cannot work
    just to the definition in another source file
    any suggestions?
    thank you
    The occupancy rate of ccls in vim+ccls is too high under Linux, how to modify this config