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    any suggesstions?
    Seth Gower
    hello, I am trying to use ccls with ALE in neovim for dynamic syntax highlighting. I am not sure if it is a ccls problem or ALE problem, but the custom types aren't being highlighted. Anyone have suggestions?
    GoToDefinition cannot work
    just to the definition in another source file
    any suggestions?
    thank you
    The occupancy rate of ccls in vim+ccls is too high under Linux, how to modify this config
    George Xanthakis
    I got a C language completion problem. When I call structure pointer member in macro the -> appear in the header of file.
    ccls can not find local variables definition, does anybody know how to make it work?
    George Xanthakis
    Do you have compile_commands for your project?
    this project compiles with bazel.
    David Manouchehri
    Any tips on how to reduce memory usage? Indexing has finished on my project (it's huge), and ccls takes about 10GB of memory when idling.
    Is there any feature downside to setting retainInMemory to 0?
    用ccls索引glibc 2.17的代码,总是报这个错,查了下是clang不支持这种嵌套的函数,怎么破。。
    hey, does anyone know which theme is being used on https://github.com/MaskRay/emacs-ccls?
    Stephen Zhang
    hey, I am using ccls and coc.nvim to read/write cpp code. ccls always takes me to the position of function decleartion when I want to view the definition, how to go to definition directly?
    提个问题, 为啥ccls的.ccls-cache里面会有项目源码?
    Sergey Pashaev
    Hey guys! I have a question related to ccls/lsp protocol. Is there any query that would provide information about the symbol under the cursor? In a way that I could easily parse and pipe it to another tool. For example: when I put cursor on a field declaration lsp-server returns some info from which I could extract that it's some field named Foo in class Bar with type T. Maybe ccls already doing something similar?

    看了下堆栈,#111323 0x000055a8d9a4454d in clang::ASTContext::getTypeInfo(clang::Type const*) const ()

    #111324 0x000055a8d9a43975 in clang::ASTContext::getTypeInfoImpl(clang::Type const*) const ()


    #498一样的堆栈, #390 说是堆栈大小
    @sergey-pashaev enable highlight Isrange
    highlight lsRanges : true
    Hi, I know I am probably being really dumb. But I cannot resolve the [ccls 2] [E] no member named 'cout' in namespace 'std' problem
    I did not write a .ccls file, but I generated a compile_commands.json file in the project root using cmake
    My CMake works and I am sure my project runs as intended.
    Looking through the documentation here, I tried to step into <stdio.h>, <new> with success, but I cannot step into <stddef.h>
    From the documentation, I noticed all the std source file lives under the clang -print-resource-dir directory. I checked and the <stddef.h> is there
    I see I can also step into the iostream header file, and the cout (std::cout that ccls is complaining that I'm missing) is present.
    Okay I recompiled ccls and it worksnow
    Qiming zhao
    ccls crashed and the log shows no errors?
    Hi, while indexing there are a lot of lines with ’error:20 Endian not defined’. How can I resolve this?
    Zachary Streeter

    I'm having trouble with linting setup with ccls. I get "use of undeclared identifier 'Operator' but the header file Operator.h is included without error so I'm confused. Here is my .ccls

    │ File: .ccls

    %h -x
    %h c++-header

    Zachary Streeter
    UPDATE: I created a compile_commands.json file with CMake and it works as expected. What is the correct .ccls file I need, in case I can't get the json file?
    have been very very happy with ccls. recently tried out clangd and was surprised at the extent of the hover documentation
    is there any config I need to do to get as much from documentation? (nvim, coc + ccls)
    Kevin Morris
    Hello. I have a problem with ccls missing out on some source file information. I have a C++ project. There is a template class located in the C++ project that is a base for another file in the project. When viewing the file, ccls gives me a publishDiagnostics notification about the base class not being a base of derived, but it is. I can compile this with no issue.
    here's a paste of :CocCommand workspace.showOutput: http://sprunge.us/CxQwEg
    The file that contains the base class is src/Pipe.hpp. The file that contains the derivation of Pipe is src/ESP.cpp.