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    @sergey-pashaev enable highlight Isrange
    highlight lsRanges : true
    Hi, I know I am probably being really dumb. But I cannot resolve the [ccls 2] [E] no member named 'cout' in namespace 'std' problem
    I did not write a .ccls file, but I generated a compile_commands.json file in the project root using cmake
    My CMake works and I am sure my project runs as intended.
    Looking through the documentation here, I tried to step into <stdio.h>, <new> with success, but I cannot step into <stddef.h>
    From the documentation, I noticed all the std source file lives under the clang -print-resource-dir directory. I checked and the <stddef.h> is there
    I see I can also step into the iostream header file, and the cout (std::cout that ccls is complaining that I'm missing) is present.
    Okay I recompiled ccls and it worksnow
    Qiming zhao
    ccls crashed and the log shows no errors?
    Hi, while indexing there are a lot of lines with ’error:20 Endian not defined’. How can I resolve this?
    Zachary Streeter

    I'm having trouble with linting setup with ccls. I get "use of undeclared identifier 'Operator' but the header file Operator.h is included without error so I'm confused. Here is my .ccls

    │ File: .ccls

    %h -x
    %h c++-header

    Zachary Streeter
    UPDATE: I created a compile_commands.json file with CMake and it works as expected. What is the correct .ccls file I need, in case I can't get the json file?
    have been very very happy with ccls. recently tried out clangd and was surprised at the extent of the hover documentation
    is there any config I need to do to get as much from documentation? (nvim, coc + ccls)
    Kevin Morris
    Hello. I have a problem with ccls missing out on some source file information. I have a C++ project. There is a template class located in the C++ project that is a base for another file in the project. When viewing the file, ccls gives me a publishDiagnostics notification about the base class not being a base of derived, but it is. I can compile this with no issue.
    here's a paste of :CocCommand workspace.showOutput: http://sprunge.us/CxQwEg
    The file that contains the base class is src/Pipe.hpp. The file that contains the derivation of Pipe is src/ESP.cpp.
    I executed this command while viewing src/ESP.cpp, which is where the issue occurs.
    One issue that I do see out of the box is that, for some reason, it is storing information about my standard x86_64 compiler, but all files compiled in this project are compiled with another toolchain at avr-g++.
    It doesn't seem to be causing issues, but it does look like it shouldn't be happening.
    Kevin Morris

    Here's a ~/.vim/coc-settings.json I own: http://sprunge.us/KpMyCk

    Is there anything wrong with this? Coc doesn't seem to be loading .ccls-cpp in the root of my project.

    If I rename it to .ccls, it loads up fine, but it doesn't go with .ccls-cpp in rootPatterns
    Apologies, wrong channel.
    David Manouchehri
    How can I remap codeql-zip-archive://0-42/mnt/space/v8/7.9.317.33/v8/codeql/src.zip/mnt/space/v8/7.9.317.33/v8/ to file://mnt/space/v8/7.9.317.33/v8/?
    David Manouchehri
    Decided to open a proper ticket for my question. =) MaskRay/ccls#776
    Ryan Bray
    Hi @all, I was wondering if it is possible for CCLS to index symbols from ASM files.
    Ryan Bray
    I take it there isn't.
    Is there a way to have CCLS limit reference results to specific directories or trees
    Tim Sanders
    CCLS is indexing everything except files listed in my compile_commands.json? Anyone know how that could happen?
    I confirmed in the log that it finds the correct compile_commands.json and it looks like it is using the right -resource-dir.
    Also c-index-test -index-file local /path/to/source_file.cpp and c-index-test -compilation-db lookup /path/to/source_file.cpp /path/to/compile_commands.json both return sane-looking results
    Mohammad Arfan
    hello, I use ccls in atom for coding c, how do I get rid of this problem notification because when it is compiled it works fine.
    incompatible pointer types passing 'int [14]' to parameter of type 'CHAR16 *' (aka 'unsigned short *')
    Are thre any problems with ccls and libc++?
    llvm-mt: error: no libxml2 llvm-mt: ignoring unsupported 'notify_update' option
    Mridul Pentapalli
    Hello. I am trying to make a JUCE Plugin (https://github.com/juce-framework/JUCE). ccls works wonderfully in my emacs with lsp-mode. The issue is that it cannot find a header in my PluginProcessor.h file but it can find it in the PluginProcessor.cpp file. (#include <JuceHeader.h> file not found.) The paths are correct and I can build the project correctly.
    Received notification '$/progress
    请问在languageserver.ccls的日志, 打印Received response 0 without active response promise 这个信息, 是怎么回事???
    Hi, running eglot to query for a function definition always triggers a timeout in a cross-compiled project
    with an aarch64 tool chain
    I tried what the FAQ suggests, about adding the -include directives for the aarcch64 target in .ccls, but this just seems to cause ccls to process a humongous amount of files
    and the timeout persists
    it does not happen when I build the same project for x86_64
    Aqil Contractor
    Where can I find prebuilt binaries?