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    have been very very happy with ccls. recently tried out clangd and was surprised at the extent of the hover documentation
    is there any config I need to do to get as much from documentation? (nvim, coc + ccls)
    Kevin Morris
    Hello. I have a problem with ccls missing out on some source file information. I have a C++ project. There is a template class located in the C++ project that is a base for another file in the project. When viewing the file, ccls gives me a publishDiagnostics notification about the base class not being a base of derived, but it is. I can compile this with no issue.
    here's a paste of :CocCommand workspace.showOutput: http://sprunge.us/CxQwEg
    The file that contains the base class is src/Pipe.hpp. The file that contains the derivation of Pipe is src/ESP.cpp.
    I executed this command while viewing src/ESP.cpp, which is where the issue occurs.
    One issue that I do see out of the box is that, for some reason, it is storing information about my standard x86_64 compiler, but all files compiled in this project are compiled with another toolchain at avr-g++.
    It doesn't seem to be causing issues, but it does look like it shouldn't be happening.
    Kevin Morris

    Here's a ~/.vim/coc-settings.json I own: http://sprunge.us/KpMyCk

    Is there anything wrong with this? Coc doesn't seem to be loading .ccls-cpp in the root of my project.

    If I rename it to .ccls, it loads up fine, but it doesn't go with .ccls-cpp in rootPatterns
    Apologies, wrong channel.
    David Manouchehri
    How can I remap codeql-zip-archive://0-42/mnt/space/v8/7.9.317.33/v8/codeql/src.zip/mnt/space/v8/7.9.317.33/v8/ to file://mnt/space/v8/7.9.317.33/v8/?
    David Manouchehri
    Decided to open a proper ticket for my question. =) MaskRay/ccls#776
    Ryan Bray
    Hi @all, I was wondering if it is possible for CCLS to index symbols from ASM files.
    Ryan Bray
    I take it there isn't.
    Is there a way to have CCLS limit reference results to specific directories or trees
    Tim Sanders
    CCLS is indexing everything except files listed in my compile_commands.json? Anyone know how that could happen?
    I confirmed in the log that it finds the correct compile_commands.json and it looks like it is using the right -resource-dir.
    Also c-index-test -index-file local /path/to/source_file.cpp and c-index-test -compilation-db lookup /path/to/source_file.cpp /path/to/compile_commands.json both return sane-looking results
    Mohammad Arfan
    hello, I use ccls in atom for coding c, how do I get rid of this problem notification because when it is compiled it works fine.
    incompatible pointer types passing 'int [14]' to parameter of type 'CHAR16 *' (aka 'unsigned short *')
    Are thre any problems with ccls and libc++?
    llvm-mt: error: no libxml2 llvm-mt: ignoring unsupported 'notify_update' option
    Mridul Pentapalli
    Hello. I am trying to make a JUCE Plugin (https://github.com/juce-framework/JUCE). ccls works wonderfully in my emacs with lsp-mode. The issue is that it cannot find a header in my PluginProcessor.h file but it can find it in the PluginProcessor.cpp file. (#include <JuceHeader.h> file not found.) The paths are correct and I can build the project correctly.
    Received notification '$/progress
    请问在languageserver.ccls的日志, 打印Received response 0 without active response promise 这个信息, 是怎么回事???
    Hi, running eglot to query for a function definition always triggers a timeout in a cross-compiled project
    with an aarch64 tool chain
    I tried what the FAQ suggests, about adding the -include directives for the aarcch64 target in .ccls, but this just seems to cause ccls to process a humongous amount of files
    and the timeout persists
    it does not happen when I build the same project for x86_64
    Aqil Contractor
    Where can I find prebuilt binaries?
    Seb Laveze
    Hi, is there a way to know which compile arguments lead to failed indexed source ? I switched to a new toolchain and I'm not sure which argument makes ccls to fail
    Jonathan Barrios
    has anyone used ccls for the chromium source code?
    Israel Jacquez
    I'm running ccls, and in the logs, I see pipeline.cc calling for deletion of the only C file I'm trying to index
    I don't see any reason (in the logs) why it's being deleted
    In my .ccls, I just have one line: c
    Israel Jacquez
    Okay, it looks like it's due to -working-directory= being passed to gcc