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Repo info
    William Beckett

    Hi there,
    Just getting started with MotionEye and am trying to add an rstp camera however I'm getting "protocol rstp not supported" when trying to add a network camera with the RSTP address.
    I am running MotionEye in Docker
    motionEye Version 0.42
    Motion Version 4.2.2

    Can anyone give me some guidance as to how I can get this working or what I need to do?

    @wjbeckett Hi. I think you should use rtsp protocol.
    Jun Huh

    Hi a newbie question.

    I've configured so that it sends a slack notification when motion detected. It will basically take the last image from the folder.

    I've tried playing around with the settings currently set

    Motion gap = 20 s
    Captured Before = 10 frames
    Captured After = 10 frames
    Min motion frames = 20 frames

    But what happens is that the last image is usually shot too late. Do u have any recommended setting for this scenario?

    Also what is the difference between "Run A Command" vs "Run An End Command"?

    Prabin Kumar Das

    i installed motion eye in a pi 3b+ with raspbian.. after completion, my usb webcam is not detected.. command ( ls -l /dev/video* ) ..result ( crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81, 3 Mar 16 19:01 /dev/video0
    crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81, 4 Mar 16 19:01 /dev/video1
    crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81, 0 Mar 16 19:01 /dev/video10
    crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81, 1 Mar 16 19:01 /dev/video11
    crw-rw----+ 1 root video 81, 2 Mar 16 19:01 /dev/video12
    )..... command ( v4l2-ctl --list-devices) result ( bcm2835-codec-decode (platform:bcm2835-codec):

    HD Webcam C615 (usb-3f980000.usb-1.3):
    ) .. please help ASAP

    hello guys I have a problem can you pls help me
    i have motioneye on ubuntu 18.04 on jetson nano
    i go to my motioneye ip and setup everything , i can see the video coming from my camera
    but when i try to see the stream from another pc ( same network) i can't see it
    can you help me pls ?
    Prabin Kumar Das
    what's showing on the browser ?
    nothing , when I try to connect from another computer it seems like tries to load , it is like when you click refresh and it goes infenitely
    and a note , I don't know it is important or not jetson nano has no wifi it connects wired
    New to MotionEye (Ubuntu, Foscam C1 cameras) - how can I get audio recorded? Video looks great, but no audio. Device feed: rtsp://ip_address:554/videoMain - Thanks
    Prabin Kumar Das
    @Kivanc-IOT as per my knowledge the motioneye transfers the video stream through the local network of a router.. It needs to connected to a wifi...
    @JesseWebDotCom as far as I know there is no feature of audio recording... And also pi dont have a mix..
    My hik vision camera has audio in and out feature is there any feasibility I can record audio also in motioneye.
    @Kivanc-IOT check the streaming port of your camera and try with vlc media player application
    @ccrisan are monitor feature and action button features available for motion eye version 0.42 in motion version 4.2.2 os version Ubuntu 18.10 for open media vault 5.0
    I am using it via docker
    Using motion eye:dev-amd64
    I am completely new can u please help me out for my him vision ptz cameras whatever I am trying I am unable add those features
    Can anyone please help me out
    @Prabindas001 it is connected via cable so is not valid ?
    @Kivanc-IOT what about my issue is there any solution
    I'd love to monitor my rpi motioneye cameras with nagios through SNMP, still no on building snmp into the default distro so i don't have to rebuild them all on Raspbian?
    Hi, I am new on Github. Newbie question : did someone actually managed to have the same cam provide motion detection with Motion Eye AND stream on the net. I get either fluid integration and stream on lovelace Home Assistant (EspHome integration) or motion detection, but no fluid streaming through Lovelace? I have been struggling on this for several days and would like know if it is even possible? Thanks for your help...
    Hey guys I just ran the migrateconf script on my config files and now when I restart motioneye (docker) all of my cams are gone. Nothin in the logs.. Any ides?
    Nothing is written to the log specified in motioneye.conf, even when logging level is debug.
    NVM. The issue was that I was using an old docker tag so it was an old version of motioneye
    Alexandre Almeida
    Hi, does anyone use RPI4 with MotionEye to do a downstream of an IP Camera? I have a rpi3 with the same setup and the stream was fast but with a rpi4 the stream has a 10/20 s lag. Does anyone have the same problem?
    Hi to everyone, I am looking for a solution, how to take a picture with using external hardware button connected to some GPIO pin. Is this please possible?
    Probably stupid question, it will be possible, the right question should be, how to do it?
    This message was deleted
    Do not see feature of GPIO input available on Motiioneye but alternatively you can use Nodered platform if you are familiar with. Trigger Push Button over GPIO and use nodered-contrib-camerapi node to take a picture and store in the /home/pi/Pictures directory. However you can use MMAL feature only on one condition, either Motioneye or Nodered application to use camera, cannot use both simultaneously.
    Jakob Sultan Ericsson
    Quick question. Is it possible to build a direct link to a captured image?
    I trigger some scripts and get the image path (/var/lib/motioneye/Camera1/2020-05-28/09-08-25.jpg) but I would like to create a nice clickable link in my mail.
    Merlijn Vermeer
    Hey Is there someone here that can help me I am setting up my motioneye camera system I am using a raspberry pi zero w set to fast network camera and I have an hub where this camera is added but I cant seem to let it save to my nfs share... somebody that could help me? I only get custom path in storage options
    Tomás Rojas Castiglione
    Hi I'm havin issues and I dk if it is woth opening an issue on the repo so I'll ask here first. Here is the thing: I am usung the latest motioneyeos and when I reboot, I cannot enter via the web UI. Apparently it is not conected to the wifi anymore
    Brian McGonagill
    Good day. I want to run MotionEye as a hub only with no camera physically attached. Is that possible? I have tried a few times, and the Pi I'm running it on won't boot without a camera attached. Thanks for any help.
    Brad B
    Question for group: Running motioneye on a zero which I know from two tests is unable to automatically update; it will hang after auto update attempt reponding to pings but nothing else until power cycled. It will however run after power cycle and I can SSH in. It does not run cleanly though; for example some of the streaming config options are missing, and it can reboot. Any suggestions as to where to look in which log files for clues as to the problem with auto update?
    I should add that this unit is not accessible due to Covid lock downs which is why after reading the FAQ have not been able to follow standard procedure of re-flashing SD card. Identical unit in same property was able to update and run OK so I suspect trouble somewhere with the SD card.
    Brad B
    :point_up: July 8, 2020 10:04 PM ... Yes it can be done. Colleague has built that setup.
    Brian McGonagill
    @bbanerd Can you tell me how he did it, or do you know if there's something specific to make that work? I'm trying to get it running, but they system doesn't seem to to boot without a camera attached. Is there a separate download I need to look for or something?
    Brian McGonagill
    Nevermind - I'm an idiot. I was trying to use Pi Zero image for Pi 3
    think I've got it now.
    Paul Watson
    I have installed on docker using this command however it is still storying to the var and etc of my local machine docker run --name="motioneye" \
    -p 8765:8765 \
    --hostname="motioneye" \
    -v /etc/localtime:/etc/localtime:ro \
    -v /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Data/Data/motioneye/etc/:/etc/motioneye \
    -v /srv/dev-disk-by-label-Data/Data/motioneye/lib/:/var/lib/motioneye \
    --restart="always" \
    --detach=true \
    Sjoerd Bolten
    Yo guys. I was wondering if there is an API I could use to make an android and ios app for motioneye
    I know I can start and stop recording using the web control interface. Is it possible to trigger a still frame shot using it as well?
    Marian Boricean
    Călin, I just want to THANK you for all the work you put on this project. Is an amazing piece of software! Keep it up.
    I figured out how to trigger stills from the web control API as well. This is a wonderful project and it just keeps getting better...