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Repo info
    I tested it and H264 really works, but it takes 1.7GB for 1hour of record!!! God... H265 only ~850MB...
    Well, record in h265 then, even if you can't use it for anything. It makes no difference how much space you save if the file isn't viewable...
    Does motioneye have an official feature request method?
    You go to the github and ask. Depending on what youd like to see added, you may or may not get anywhere.
    Hey there, i installed MotionEye on my Raspberry 4 8GB. But i have no acces to the Webinterface Via IP:8765. Can anyone help me?

    motioneye.service - motionEye Server
    Loaded: loaded (/etc/systemd/system/motioneye.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)
    Active: failed (Result: signal) since Thu 2020-08-13 15:05:27 CEST; 2min 27s ago
    Process: 15645 ExecStart=/usr/local/bin/meyectl startserver -c /etc/motioneye/motioneye.conf (code=killed, signal=SEGV)
    Main PID: 15645 (code=killed, signal=SEGV)

    Aug 13 15:05:27 raspberrypi systemd[1]: motioneye.service: Service RestartSec=100ms expired, scheduling restart.
    Aug 13 15:05:27 raspberrypi systemd[1]: motioneye.service: Scheduled restart job, restart counter is at 5.
    Aug 13 15:05:27 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Stopped motionEye Server.
    Aug 13 15:05:27 raspberrypi systemd[1]: motioneye.service: Start request repeated too quickly.
    Aug 13 15:05:27 raspberrypi systemd[1]: motioneye.service: Failed with result 'signal'.
    Aug 13 15:05:27 raspberrypi systemd[1]: Failed to start motionEye Server.

    Do you guys have any advice on how to play back recorded videos?
    what client should i use? I want a interface where i can scroll through a timeline. Vlc is not cutting it
    i use motioneye on a server, not motioneyeos
    Okay, nvm, just got someone to tell me that there's a feature built in...
    Gemma Cairns
    Hello, is there a way to save snapshots as png or tif files as opposed to jpegs? Thanks
    Nickybroke, the webcontol interface has to be enabled in the config file. It's also important to know if you're using it from the same machine (local machine) or not. Its in the docs but its a little confusing at times.
    Hi, just want to ask if it's possible to send a Webhook after the motion event ended? Tried to search the web for instruction but can't seem to find one.. thanks in advance!
    messaged too soon, nvm.. thanks!
    hey everyone, trying to spec out a surveillance system and cant find any user stories for more than 16 cameras. I'm interested in supporting 30-40 on a single server
    4C/8T 3.6GHz CPU fwiw
    Is it possible to use the digest authentication mode in the streaming ULR?
    Chuck Connors
    Hey guys. I'm wanting to try and filter out some false positive recordings using Deep Stacks AI. I'm trying to figure out how I can delete images/movies that I find don't have moving cars or people in them. I looked at the REST API but didn't see a way to do this. Can someone tell me if I can send a web request to delete certain media items?
    I heard that there is a motioneye mobile app in the field. I don't know how this is working but maybe they can help?
    Sukanth Gunda
    @ccrisan I have recently set the motion eye on my raspberry pi and I tried integrating with dropbox to store the files. When I click on ObtainKey it doesn't route me to the right URL to get the access key. looks like something is broken? i tried installing motioneyeos and my other Pi and there it works fine. Am i missing something ?
    I all, i have intalled motioneyeos on a pi 0 and i want to use scripts that use telegram to notify me when a motion is detected.
    But I can't install pip to install teleport, can you help me ?
    RYeah Sh
    Hi everyone, on motioneye "Motion Notifications" which service/method you use to get real time notifications to alert you on motion detection?

    I've spent a lot of time 'playing' with motioneyeOS on Raspberry Pis. I've used Ubuntu/Mint for years in preference to Windoze. Currently Mint 18.3 on a 2011 Toshiba Portege that I bought second-user (unused ex-lease) in 2014.

    Having been given a birdbox-cam (USB Webcam inside), I'm duty bound to set it up. It's now mounted in a suitable location with USB cable run indoors to where an old laptop can be set-up to record avian visitors so we can show the donors (when permitted) what a thoughtful gift...

    The 'old' laptop is an almost unused 2003-4 Toshiba Satellite Pro A10 (Celeron, 512Mb, 40Mb, XP SP1) with a huge square screen. A lovely 'antique' in mint condition and perfect working order.
    Motioneye is the obvious choice, but what lightweight distro to use? Ubuntu/Mint use too much memory even with xcfe.

    I'm too old to spend days learning how to fix loads of low-level problems with installing Motioneye under a minority distro.
    Can anyone suggest a suitable lightweight, mainstream, distro please?

    Ali Muqtadir
    Hello, Sorry for this seemingly stupid question but I am new to raspberrypi and motioneye. Is there a way that I can change or update the settings of motioneye through python? I actually want to control the settings of motioneye through azure iothub
    MotionEye still active project? I had no updates since last year.
    With the comming of 5G, it would be nice to have the faster compressions. Not MJPEG, but those new onces. Most of my cam all can handle network througput, but MJPEG is the limiting factor atm. We should use H264. I think MotionEye is ready for that.
    hello, how to change /usr/bin/motion -n -c /etc/motioneye/motioneye.conf -d 5 to /usr/bin/motion -m -c /etc/motioneye/motioneye.conf ?
    Heyo, I was wondering if there is a way to lower the network usage that viewing motioneye has. Stream compression or something? while looking at the motioneye page I can see network usage as high as 200mb/s and would like to reduce it. I found the resolution dimmer to be a good way of doing so but when enabled I get pretty bad lag on all feeds
    Not sure if anyone has touched on this but I have my camera set on my garage and it doesn't seem to pick up anything passed about 20 feet. I'm sure this is a settings issue but I can't seem to figure it out. Anyone have a camera that I'd able to detect movement at around 20-30 feet? I can literally walk around in front of our door and it trigger a motion event. Fram change threshold is at 1.2% Maximum Change Threshold is at 5 and minimum motion frame is at 3
    I have 3 cameras of which my frame change is under 1%, usually around .3% and even then they mainly see vehicles instead of people. the only suggestion I would give is lowering the frame change because less of the frame is changing at such a distance, especially depending on the resolution of said camera, my 1080P fisheye camera is the one that isn't really able to detect people even when the framechange is extremely low, I would assume due to the resolution and the fact it is fisheye
    Ok ill try that thanks Caleb!
    I agree with Caleb. Try reducing the frame rate so that the apparent motion between each frame and the previous is greater. Also motion that's mostly towards/away from the camera (rather than across the field of view) is problematic for all types of 2D motion detection. Predators (like humans) have evolved very advanced (3D) vision over millions of years. Prey species (with eyes on the sides of their heads) only have 2D vision and rely on apparent (fast) motion to detect threats. Field-craft instructors teach Shape, Shine, Shadow, Silhouette, Movement, Contrast as the keys to avoiding being detected.