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Repo info
  • Sep 25 23:28

    robocdnjs on master

    Set victory package.json (35.1.… (compare)

  • Sep 25 23:28

    robocdnjs on master

    Add victory (35.1.0) (compare)

  • Sep 25 23:15

    robocdnjs on master

    Set tagify package.json (3.19.1) (compare)

  • Sep 25 23:15

    robocdnjs on master

    Add tagify (3.19.1) (compare)

  • Sep 25 23:09

    robocdnjs on master

    Set stellar-base package.json (… (compare)

  • Sep 25 23:08

    robocdnjs on master

    Add stellar-base (4.0.0) (compare)

  • Sep 25 22:07

    robocdnjs on master

    Set limonte-sweetalert2 package… (compare)

  • Sep 25 22:07

    robocdnjs on master

    Add limonte-sweetalert2 (10.3.4) (compare)

  • Sep 25 20:40
    Customer Impacting Issue
  • Sep 25 20:33

    robocdnjs on master

    Set aws-sdk package.json (2.761… (compare)

  • Sep 25 20:32

    robocdnjs on master

    Add aws-sdk (2.761.0) (compare)

  • Sep 25 20:31

    robocdnjs on master

    Add aws-amplify (3.3.3-unstable… (compare)

  • Sep 25 19:50

    robocdnjs on master

    Set tinycolor package.json (1.4… (compare)

  • Sep 25 19:49

    robocdnjs on master

    Add tinycolor (1.4.2) (compare)

  • Sep 25 18:44

    robocdnjs on master

    Add material-components-web (8.… (compare)

  • Sep 25 18:32

    robocdnjs on master

    Add kotlin (1.4.20-M1) (compare)

  • Sep 25 16:41

    xtuc on master

    Update (#14011) Corr… (compare)

  • Sep 25 16:41
    xtuc closed #14011
  • Sep 25 16:36
    xtuc reopened #14011
  • Sep 25 14:35

    robocdnjs on master

    Add ipfs (0.50.3-rc.4) (compare)

Can anyone add my library to CDNJS
Ezra Sharp
@nicekiwi sorry about that <3 <3
@PeterDaveHello can you have a look at ? Would be nice if it could make it into cdnjs and as I never added something myself it's probably easier when someone who is completely aware of how it works does it
Muhammed Fayaz
can anyone send me sample website with this library
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted

Respected Every Senior
I need help in create a program that classifiy numbers [i know there are so many resources out on net ] but i need to create it in tenserflow.js WITHOUT use of python so it run in browser ...

i did't find any help in internet (i'm sure its there but i did't figure it out by myself)

please give me any resource for it

Thank you everyone for help

Drew Freyling
@Rajanflair not the right forum here sorry
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Renato Marinho
This message was deleted
Mac Rong
I am getting this error while pushing a folder into an already created repository => error: failed to push some refs to ' ...
Ryan Valenzuela Alvar

Hey community!
I'd like to launch a new frontend related project — something like TEDx for developers. Basically it's online talks with Q&A session, but with experts from Google, Microsoft, Babel etc.

This is the first announced talk. The speaker made a web performance guide for webpack together with Addy Osmani. Does this look promising? Eager to hear feedback :)


Hello, my name is Liora and I am currently hunting open source projects for company NeuraLegion (
We just launched a free annual subscription for open source projects for our AIAST tool NexPloit.

If you are interested, please, reach us on!

Thank you for your time and consideration! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!


I'm hungry
Yasin Aktimur
hi guys please check Ethereum rush
Hi guys
Are you still alive @ShadowREVerse
i have made something that is for worth of your time... well please dont try to copy it or it will be a crime... but yeah you can take y permission before taking my concepts. view here
I'm working on a startup project about to provide fast and accurate search engine, any one like to know...
Please DM
@Rajanflair yup. i want to know
David Chambers
Beyond submitting a pull request, is there anything I can do to help with adding a particular library to cdnjs?
I'm using unpkg as a cdn for my repo -
Luke Rogers
Hows it going guys? i've been struggling to do something i know will be so simple to do which is change the background of my site with multiple images transitioning but i'm having difficulties. Can someone help?