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Mark Grand
I am a nube trying to get OpenCensus Collector to run. It immediately exits after logging this message:
{"level":"warn","ts":1575637911.8632534,"caller":"collector/processors.go:279","msg":"Nothing to do: no processor was enabled. Shutting down."}
What is it trying to tell me?
The command line I am using is
./occollector_linux --config config.yaml --health-check-http-port 8008 --metrics-port 8888 --zpages-http-port 55679
The contents of config.yaml is
log-level: INFO

    port: 8080

    enable_traces: true

    # One of "proxy" or "direct_ingestion" is required
      Host: metrics-dev.ioq1.homedepot.com
      MetricsPort: 4001
      TracingPort: 2878
#      DistributionPort: wf_distribution_port  # number

  port: 55679
  disabled: false
Jonathan Giles
Hi folks. Curious if there were any plans to have a module name included in the released jar files for OpenCensus?
Zhan Su
Hi, I wonder whether OpenCensus have plan to make tracing library automatically exporting latency/qps/etc metrics? When we add a new span, we almost always also care about the latency distribution. We can get the distribution from the trace storage backend but it is biased because sampling decision is made in upstream services. We now have to write a wrapper that creates both tracer and also a scoped timer to measure time and report to stats library. Then we are paying 2x cost of measuring the same time span twice and also a little bit extra coding work is needed. I personally care about C++ Python and golang.
Joseph Hajduk
anyone have any luck using opencensus-java or scala inside managed cloud run? I am getting DEADLINE_EXCEEDED grpc errors when the exporter does onBatchExport with the simplest example.
Leighton Chen
Hi, how do I join the census-instrumentation org? https://github.com/orgs/census-instrumentation/people
Tristan Lohman
I'm trying to get started with opencensus and Istio, although I'm pretty new to Istio. I would like to use the OpenCensus agent as we wish to forward to multiple services. There is a ton of documentation on getting envoy to send its generated spans on to other services. We are also generating spans inside our application to trace key operations. What is the recommended deployment scenario here? Do we deploy the agent inside the pod next to the envoy sidecar, or as a DaemonSet? If so, how do we configure our application to point at that collector, and how do tell envoy to allow us to talk to it (my impression being that the standard envoy deployment intercepts ALL traffic from your application, including traffic meant for the agent, is this true?).
Hi, I have plugged Opencensus lib to our Node.js application in order to report to Zipkin
performed call to our service_1 that is exposed outside
service_1 called other external service_2
as result got 1 Trace with 2 Spans in Zipkin UI
but Spans hold the same name despite there were 2 calls of different services
Is there chance to tune remote service naming?
does the oc-collector currently export metrics? based on processors.go:255 it appears not... ?
Bogdan Drutu
it supports everything that oc-collector supported
thanks for the pointer @bogdandrutu - out of curiosity, what's the difference between the open-telemetry and open-census projects?
Bogdan Drutu
open-telemetry is a continuation of the opencensus + opentracing projects. see https://medium.com/opentracing/a-roadmap-to-convergence-b074e5815289
Tamas Szoke
Maximiliano Felice
Hi guys, how are you? I'm trying to extend the Aggregation interface of Opencensus in Java to support Max/Min value reporting, is there any recommended way to do this?
Yuri Grinshteyn
Hi, folks - i'm trying to use OpenTelemetry for tracing in Go. In OpenCensus, I was able to do this:
```// create root span
ctx, rootspan := trace.StartSpan(context.Background(), "incoming call")
defer rootspan.End()
// create child span for backend call
ctx, childspan := trace.StartSpan(ctx, "call to backend")
defer childspan.End()```
To explicitly create child spans
But in OT, I can't figure out how to do that. From the sample, I have this:
``` err := tr.WithSpan(ctx, "incoming call", // root span here
func(ctx context.Context) error {
// create backend request
req, _ := http.NewRequest("GET", backendAddr, nil)
        // inject context
        ctx, req = httptrace.W3C(ctx, req)
        httptrace.Inject(ctx, req) ```
Any suggestions?
Yuri Grinshteyn
My question was answered in #opentelemetry-go
Hi everyone! I've got a question about an metric I'd like to implement in my project. I'm using lastValue aggregation which works great, except for the part that it "persists" the last value recorded perpetually. Are there other aggregations that fit the bill for this? I just want something exactly like lastValue but "resets" the metrics when nothing is sent
hi. apologies if this question was asked already. i am having troubles getting opencensus to increment a counter in stackdriver monitoring. Here is a snippet of the code:
public void record(MetricsType metrics, String appId, Map<MetricsTagKey, String> tags) {

        Assert.notNull(metrics, "You have to pick a metrics type");
        Assert.notEmpty(tags, "Tags can't be null");

        logger.info("== > Recording metrics '{}' for app ID '{}' with tag values {} ", metrics.toString(), appId, tags.toString());

        TagContextBuilder tcb = tagger.emptyBuilder();

        // add appId
        tcb.putLocal(TagKey.create(MetricsTagKey.APP_ID.key), TagValue.create(appId));

        // add all other tags
        tags.forEach((k, v) -> {
            tcb.putLocal(TagKey.create(k.key), TagValue.create(v));

        TagContext ctx = tcb.build();

        if (metrics.equals(MetricsType.EMAILS_SENT_COUNT)) {
            try (Scope sc = tagger.withTagContext(ctx)) {
                STATS_RECORDER.newMeasureMap().put(emailsSentCount, 1L).record();
        } else {
            // log metrics not supported
this is how the measure is initialized:
        emailsSentCount = MeasureLong.create(monitoringConfig.getProperty(EMAILS_SENT_NAME), 
        List<TagKey> emailsSentKeys = new ArrayList<>();
        for (MetricsTagKey v: MetricsTagKey.values()) {

        View emailsSentCountView = View.create(Name.create(monitoringConfig.getProperty(EMAILS_SENT_NAME)),
regardless of how many times I call this function, the stats metrics is stuck at 1 in Stackdriver. what am I doing wrong?
Abhishek Gupta
@bogdandrutu As mentioned above by @maerics, the opencensus collector does not seem to be able to export metrics (prometheus in my case). You suggested using opentelemetry collector. I have the following questions:
  1. The oc documentation doesn’t mention that the collector doesn’t export metrics. Can you confirm if that’s the case or are we just wrong in our configs?
  1. I don’t see a opentelemetry agent corresponding to an oc agent. Would the oc agent be compatible with opentelemetry collector?
Jay Carlton
Hi. I've tried a couple of times to use the Stackdriver API to set up a metric with a Display Name and then write to it with OpenCensus. It appears that when I then register a View in OpenCensus for that metric (matched by metric name) that the Display Name property on the Stackdriver metric is overwritten to match the metric name. Is this a known limitation?
Hello! I'm a student at NC State University, and have a team of students who are planning to add an exporter to the node project for a Azure Monitor backend - we were wondering if it makes more sense to do this in OpenCensus or OpenTelemetry?
Mayur Kale
@jwlongnc I would suggest to implement it in the OpenTelemetry project.
Hello, I need to propagate HTTP headers (zipkin) from inbound to outbound HTTP requests. I'm using nestjs which use axios as http module. Did the opencensus/propagation-b3 tracer does it? thanks in advance.
Austin Schoen
Hi all, I'm trying to implement the OpenCensus Agent based on the documentation here: https://opencensus.io/service/components/agent/, but I'm a little confused. Is the collector component required to export? Or can the agent both receive and export trace data?
Paulo Janotti
@AustinSchoen the OC Agent is able to export trace data directly. That said I would recommend you to use the OpenTelemetry collector at this stage - the OTel one doesn't have a separate agent, it is a single bin which you configure according to your needs.
Mayur Kale

Hello, I need to propagate HTTP headers (zipkin) from inbound to outbound HTTP requests. I'm using nestjs which use axios as http module. Did the opencensus/propagation-b3 tracer does it? thanks in advance.

Yes, it should work for you. here is link for sample code : https://github.com/census-instrumentation/opencensus-node/tree/master/packages/opencensus-propagation-b3#usage

hello there!!!! To what databases can i export opencensus agent trace data using opencensus exporter itself? In which format the trace data is collected? From when it will be safe to implement opentelemetry api?
Thanks in advance!!!!!
2020/02/07 16:21:41 Cannot read the YAML file config.yaml error: open config.yaml: no such file or directory
Hii there i am building opencensus agent from binary
btw i ran the following command: ./bin/ocagent_$(go env GOOS).........can someone tell why this error came?
Do i need to create yaml file myself and if yes does it need to be separate for agent and collector?
Paulo Janotti
Hi @Aamir2786 - you need a config file to run agent and collector. Depending on what you trying to do I recommend you trying the OpenTelemetry Collector instead.
agent/collector (and opentelemetry collector) accept a variety of input and output formats (Jaeger, Zipkin, Prometheus, OpenCensus, etc). Do you have any specific formats in mind?
thanks @pjanotti for the reply. I want to use OpenCensus as input as well as output format. Can you suggest me any tutorial who has has done tracing/metrics using OpenCensus. Thanks for the suggestion i will try OpenTelemetry.
{"level":"info","ts":1581259762.997372,"caller":"healthcheck/handler.go:99","msg":"Health Check server started","http-port":13133,"status":"unavailable"}
{"level":"warn","ts":1581259762.9974558,"caller":"collector/processors.go:279","msg":"Nothing to do: no processor was enabled. Shutting down."}
i got above error when running command: ./bin/occollector_$(go env GOOS)
I wanted to start the collector, any idea why this happened. So, my opencensus agent is running fine. So i wanted to start collector with opencensus exporter as backend.
Sorry for disturbing, please can anyone tell me if we can store our trace/metrics data to storage like mySql and dynamoDB. And what is the opencensus exporter , will it help me in storing traces/metrics data in aforesaid storage?
Paulo Janotti
@Aamir2786 I'm not aware of anything writing OpenCensus as a output/backend format. Typically it is used a transport format and the actual backend something like zipkin, jaeger, etc. The error message indicates that the configuration file is incorrect. Take a look under examples/demo for some configuration files (once more I recommend you to start with OpenTelemetry instead). The OpenCensus exporter allows the agent to send data to collectors without the cost of format translations. If you want to run an example with back end and everything else take a look at https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector/tree/master/examples/demo