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Hi folks,
I'm trying to export stats using OC Python to Stackdriver. My python app is running in a GKE container.
The stats are appearing in Stackdriver (after adding the env variables CONTAINER_NAME and NAMESPACE), however:
  • the stats are not reported against any particular Resource type in Stackdriver. I'd expected that it would be reported against k8s_pod>
    Do I have to explicitly set that up in code when I create the Stackdriver Exporter?
    Isn't GcpMetadataConfig supposed to kick in and detect that it is running in GCP, k8s environment on the basis of the following environment variables being present:
7 replies
Veera Pirla

Hey people, I have a question with integrating application logs with ocagent exporter.
I am trying to integrate ocagent with my Go application.
I already have added logs with logrus library in my app, the issue is now export to Jaeger.
I am not able to view the logs with the spans.

Can these logs not be configured in the exporter? Or is the Annotate api provided only way to add the logs.

Any suggestions on this?

I see lot of clock skew adjustments in my spans, any pointers to debug?
Hi there, we are using oc-agent as side car to collect metrics and metrics, then prometheus is configured to scrapped from oc-agent, and I have observed that oc-agent keeps staled metrics, does anyone have this issue? version used 0.1.11
Pirogov Alexey

Hi folks. We use open-census java lib and need to integrate with upstream systems that don't use tracing. But these systems send us messages with info about when they started/finished processing (in the past).

Is it possible to create "backdated spans" and manually set StartTime and EndTime in the past? I noticed that Span uses Clock object, but it seems that it isn't exposed.

Eric Maland
Hi folks. I'm sending traces from an opencensus exporter to an opencensus agent and aggregating that to jaeger. The exporter has a Service Name configured but the ocagent wants to stomp that (with "OpenCensus" by default), anyone know how I prevent it from rewriting that?
Yonghao Yu
Hi folks, we use opencensus java for metric and tracing. How can I write unit test to verify StatsRecorder record correct metrics? In my code, StatsRecorder is static variable, and I use statsRecorder.newMeasureMap().put().record(tctx); to record metrics. In my test, is there anyway I can get all metrics being recorded and verify those metrics? Thanks!
1 reply
Jonas Jing
Hi there, I'm new to OpenCensus, and I meet a problem. I use metric.getTimeSeriesList() to get a timeseries, and use timeseries.getPoints(), there is always one Point, not a list of Point. Should there be a list of Point?
Hi folks, I'm new to OpenCensus, and I meet a problem. I'm using kubernetes to deploy Jaeger components and the UI is currently not hosted on localhost but on another url provided by ingress. I was using the same piece of code but now traces are not showing on UI, should I make any editions to the code where I create and register JaegerTraceExporter?
Veera Pirla
OCAgent exporter doesn't allow more than 32 annotations for span, Any specific reason?
Bas van Beek
because if you overload your spans with data you're setting yourself up for failure or at least high cost low value.
if you really need to record that much metadata about a particular operation it is better to do so in a log and have correlation between your logs and traces set up.
Veera Pirla
But jaeger exporter sends more than 32 and also opencensus/trace does lets you configure that annotations,why to hardcode?
Bas van Beek
If you feel you should have more available I suggest filing an issue report on the repo. If possible provide a rationale why you would need a higher number.
Chris Dietsch

I've got some major confusions about how to use opencensus in typescript. Almost every example I follow doesn't seem to work for me. I'm using Yarn and electron in the browser context. For example, I want to just confirm this is working with opencensus/nodejs-base so ive done:

yarn add @opencensus/nodejs-base

and following from the docs:

It says to use

(assuming the implication is to do: import * as tracing from '@opencensus/nodejs-base'; like for regular @opencensus/nodejs)

and that tracing type comes back and does not have a tracer, tracing in this context is a TraceBase. What am I doing wrong?

Hello community,
I have a really basic question: why to use openCensus and not azure insights, for app created in azure? Any main reason?
39 replies
Reuben Anderson
Hello, i'm using the python sdk to record stats to azure monitor. I'm seeing that custom metrics just carry on getting logged in the background when my client app is doing nothing. Am I supposed to destroy the measurement map, or something? Or do I quiesce the exporter somehow? confused. Thanks.
13 replies
hey everyone, I've instrumented my php app with opencensus-php + opencensus Jaeger exporter. I see a clear spike in peak memory usage compared to without tracing on every endpoint which produces considerable number of spans(~100). Any clue on what's happening and where?
2 replies
Bas van Beek
Tracing is not free. Are you using the pecl plugin or userland php? If userland i’d suggest switching as in prod i would always advice pecl version
Also nullexporter does not mean you’re not acquiring data... you’re just flushing it after span reporting time
Raj Nishtala

Hello, I want to be able to write custom exporters for OpenCensus in Python because I want to send metrics from Python 2.x services to a backend that's not currently listed here:

I see that there's documentation available to write custom exporters in other languages (Go, Java etc...). Looking for some suggestions/examples of how to write one in Python.

5 replies
RNDr. Simon Toth
Does anyone have a workaround for C++ not exporting number of RPCs and their status for gRPC?
Shivaprasad Bhat
Hello everyone! What is the recommended practice when setting span names for external HTTP calls (i.e., GET /v1/users/:userid vs GetUser vs GET /v1/users/123 -- would there be cardinality issues when using the third option)? Also, is there any good documentation on OpenCensus best practices ?
3 replies
Heya folks! Any advice on reporting stats/metrics in a Functions-as-a-service context? Stackdriver has a max reporting cadence of 1/minute and the functions "go to sleep" and may be killed between invocations. I'd like to make sure we don't drop any of the census data for functions that aren't called often enough to be kept alive.
Hi~ We are using Envoy + Open Census tracer for our application. It works well in producing traces, but it's not able to figure out parent/child relationship between egress and ingress spans of the same service. We've configured incoming_trace_context and outgoing_trace_context documented here: https://www.envoyproxy.io/docs/envoy/latest/api-v3/config/trace/v3/opencensus.proto. Do we also need to configure client code to propagate those headers?
1 reply
Howdy I'm trying to use OpenCensus for metrics and I'm wondering what the Label family of types is about? I can't find documentation on it, but it seems to work a lot like the Tag family (but newer).
1 reply