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Repo info
    Chris Jones
    New Ceph Chef cookbooks have been added to the repo for use.
    Joe Rocklin
    I'm having some difficulty getting a new cluster bootstrapped w/ the ceph-chef cookbook - I'm on CentOS 7.2 w/ 3 monitor nodes, the ceph.conf file has all of the IPs listed in the mon host line, the keyring is listed as /etc/ceph/$cluster.$name.keyring (which is not really what I was expecting), and cluster/public network info is present. The mon_install, mon, mon_start, and mon_keys recipes have all been run but: there's no service unit for ceph-mon@[hostname] on the system.
    If I create one manually and try to start it then I get into a state where ceph-create-keys is spinning waiting with admin socket net ready yet.
    I feel like I'm missing something simple, but I can't discern what it might be.
    Shivanjan Chakravorty
    Hello everyone I'm a student and currently conducting a research on cloud data optimization. I wish to work test the feature with Ceph but I'm a newbie how do I begin. I tried installing it on Ubuntu VM but failed to install it. Can anyone please guide me through? I promise my research will change lives.
    Harold Dost
    I have a question regarding the "role"s which are mentioned, I notice in the https://github.com/ceph/ceph-chef#ceph-osd section it mentions that the role, must be set, but there are no chef roles. I don't see a clear attribute that I would need to set, so I guess I am a little lost there.
    I want to run this project: https://github.com/ceph/ceph
    In windows.
    How can I do it?
    Abhinav Talari
    Hello everyone, i am new to Ceph, I was hoping to contribute to CEPH, it would be great if anyone could tell me how to get started.