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May 2015
Tomasz Sętkowski
May 19 2015 07:55
Hi, you can try my fork. I have deployed ceph many times with it. There is major work in @joerocklin fork as well. I am not using EDB though. To better understand how ceph cookbook works I found this very useful - . You should read the osd.rb recipe and that library to get an idea. I found the manual installation guide on cephs site useful as well - and
Sergio de Carvalho
May 19 2015 08:10
Thanks, @tomzo. I have already deployed Ceph with the ceph-cookbook without EDB but security is a major concern for me right now and I don't keys exposed on node attributes. I've read the code many times over but just can't see how it could possibly work once EDB is enabled. I'm actually wondering if anyone is using the ceph-cookbook with EDB.
Sergio de Carvalho
May 19 2015 16:10
I've created a pull request with a change that makes the cookbook work for me with EDB: ceph/ceph-cookbook#201