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May 2016
David Jericho
May 31 2016 03:20
@lmascett you may remember a while back we spoke about many read only mgms, to bring read queries closer network wise to a remote master mgm
@lmascett I can see how I'd do that from the perspective of a mgm slave, regarding eossync, I take it that I need to customise the /etc/init.d/eossync script to transfer to other sites?
May 31 2016 16:00
@davidjericho if I remember correctly @apeters1971 modified the script in order to support multiple mgm, I think you can just add export EOS_MGM_MASTER3=... 4 5 .. n in /etc/sysconfig/eos and it should work fine
@davidjericho the only thing to be careful about is the switch master=>slave, in this case the sync need to be redone from the new master
@davidjericho I'll check tomorrow in my test instance if it works fine and let you know
David Jericho
May 31 2016 23:59
@lmascett I could use a cname for the master, with a low ttl, and the old master is presumably offline
that should work, I assume