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Mar 2016
Gavin King
Mar 16 2016 15:10
WARNING : com.redhat.ceylon.eclipse.core.builder.CeylonBuilder$BuildFileManager.getFileForOutput().expectedClasses is null for source file RegularFileObject[/Users/gavin/Documents/runtime-EclipseApplication/ceylon-project/source/stuff/run.ceylon]
 Is it normal ? it seems getFileForOutput was called several times on the same file during binary generation.
Is it normal ?
David Festal
Mar 16 2016 15:11
just to remember I have to check this
I'm going to remove this as soon as I have understood what's going on :-)
ah, "is it normal" is probably frenchy english ?
I should have written "is it expected?" maybe ?
Gavin King
Mar 16 2016 18:23