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Apr 2016
Stéphane Épardaud
Apr 21 2016 11:02
I just pushed support for jdkProvider in config file and IDE settings/model loader
@bjansen you may want to check that too
even though in your case you can take it from the gradle model
Bastien Jansen
Apr 21 2016 11:03
ok I'll take a look
Bastien Jansen
Apr 21 2016 20:06
@gavinking ceylon/ceylon-ide-common@f1fe3a0
if you want to add more tests, you have my blessing ;)
it was quite easy to set up documents and text edits for a "test platform", it looks like the current mechanism is better than the previous one
I think I'll even promote those new documents/edits as "default implementations" in com.redhat.ceylon.ide.common, so that they can be reused by other IDEs (perhaps even IntelliJ)
Bastien Jansen
Apr 21 2016 20:26