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Jun 2016
Gavin King
Jun 16 2016 13:50
what version of mvn do we need to build the IDE? @davidfestal ?
does 3.3.9 work?
Bastien Jansen
Jun 16 2016 13:50
Gavin King
Jun 16 2016 13:50
i wonder why i can’t build on my new box
David Festal
Jun 16 2016 13:56
3.3.9 seems good (according to the rules in the pom.xml)
Gavin King
Jun 16 2016 19:08
     [exec] compile:
     [exec] ceylon compile: Overrides file '/Users/gavin/ceylon-ide-eclipse/plugins/com.
     [exec] redhat.ceylon.eclipse.ui/Users/gavin/ceylon-ide-eclipse/plugins/com.redhat.
     [exec] ceylon.eclipse.ui/generated-source/overrides.xml' does not exist
I get this for both IDEs now
And on both my machines
so something is broken, suddenly