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Jul 2016
Stéphane Épardaud
Jul 21 2016 14:51
so, I still can't build the IDE
after a month
     [exec] [ERROR] Cannot resolve project dependencies:
     [exec] [ERROR]   Software being installed: 1.2.3.qualifier
     [exec] [ERROR]   Missing requirement: 1.2.3.v20160608-0922 requires 'com.redhat.ceylon.ide.common [1.2.3.v20160608-0910]' but it could not be found
     [exec] [ERROR]   Cannot satisfy dependency: 1.2.3.qualifier depends on: [1.2.3,1.3.0)
     [exec] [ERROR]
@davidfestal do you mind giving me a new dev site update site because I have to try a fix from @gavinking ?
Bastien Jansen
Jul 21 2016 14:53
@FroMage have you tried clean-all instead of clean?
that version is definitely not normal: 1.2.3.v20160608-0910
it's always the same problem: there's multiple versions of the same artifact, and the build picks the wrong one
Stéphane Épardaud
Jul 21 2016 14:54
ok let me try
well v20160608 tells you how long I've been blocked from building the IDE
Stéphane Épardaud
Jul 21 2016 15:06
Total time: 7 minutes 26 seconds
THANKS @bjansen you saved my IDE
Bastien Jansen
Jul 21 2016 15:07
you're welcome :)
but it's not the first time someone had this problem, and we've always told them to use clean-all, and even the readme mentions it
I wonder if we could add a message at the end of a failing build
something like "did you forget to call clean-all?"