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Oct 2016
Vitaly Banchenko
Oct 07 2016 11:35

I have some problems with making support for "color themes plugin". Cos ceylon plugin has a different approach for storing configuration of editor colors. :worried:
Ceylon stores them in


other editors store them in


"color theme plugin" uses this config for setting colors

is there a light way to enable this config working?
Gavin King
Oct 07 2016 11:48
@qdzo Ceylon uses the Eclipse IThemeManager to store color schemes
public static ITheme getCurrentTheme() {
    return PlatformUI.getWorkbench()
I don’t think that’s wrong
however, it is a relatively newer system, so it would not surprise me if other plugins aren’t using it
Vitaly Banchenko
Oct 07 2016 12:09
Am i right that IThemeManager is that public interface in eclipse platform, that was released in 3.0 version?
if so, it looks vary strange, cos Eclipse Platform 3.0 was released in 2004.
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Gavin King
Oct 07 2016 12:22
@qdzo I don’t know the exact history
And note that we use dark.css to override colors in the dark theme
perhaps you can use a similar approach
Gavin King
Oct 07 2016 12:28
oh, oh, @qdzo I actually have an example of how to define a theme
in plugin.xml at line 2650, I define a theme named “Ceylon Alt”, which overrides all the syntax highlighter colors
this stuff is all an incredible mess in Eclipse, FTR
Vitaly Banchenko
Oct 07 2016 13:20
yep @gavinking , to define new theme in this way not hard, but i think this is not good approach to add common themes aka solarized, monokai to ceylon-plugin itself.
what is your opinion?
Gavin King
Oct 07 2016 13:26
I agree, but I assume that what we do in plugin.xml can also be done outside of it