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Nov 2016
Tako Schotanus
Nov 22 2016 14:10
@davidfestal I'm trying to install Ceylon in a fresh install of Neon but I can't find the GEF framework anywhere? Well at least not the one we had before, I do see a lot of GEF4 things but not anything that looks similar
David Festal
Nov 22 2016 14:17
Oh, I forgot to switch the prod update site :-( I'll do it in 5 minutes (I'm at school to get my small girl)
David Festal
Nov 22 2016 14:22
I'm on it now
Gavin King
Nov 22 2016 17:34
@davidfestal you need to start thinking about this: ceylon/ceylon#6739
David Festal
Nov 22 2016 17:36
yeah, I'm currently thinking again about those aspects, and adding tasks in mt todo list about that.
because I had to fix OSGI-related errors again
So I'll comment on the issue
That's one of the things I have to do in the next months