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Jan 2017
David Festal
Jan 24 2017 16:19
So, I came back to master, reverted any commit I had added, as well as somerecent commits from ceylon-ide-eclipse and ceylon-ide-common
the Eclipse Ceylon IDE still is broken, for example, when building ceylon-ide-common
with errors like:
Error while loading the com.redhat.ceylon.ide.common/1.3.2-SNAPSHOT module:
 Error while resolving toplevel method com.redhat.ceylon.ide.common.util::synchronize_: static method missing
in the module descriptor file
I wonder what could have changed in the distribution, so that the Eclipse IDE cannot load these Java definitions anymore
David Festal
Jan 24 2017 16:25
The thing is : I'm on vacations now...
I'll see if I can analyze further, but I can't promise anything...