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    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Consider it a feature proposal. :)
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] nickanderson[m], did you get my email? Sorry if it was kinda long.
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] I haven't looked at email for a couple days
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] I'm sure there are tickets related to http and copy from
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Ok. I sent you an email, I think it was Monday. In it I mentioned that I was out of town but I'm back now.
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] Hummm I don't think I saw it
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] Sys.bindir/curl might be provided by the package, I don't recall off the top of my head. Kind of think it is.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] # ls /var/cfengine/bin/
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] cf-agent cf-check cf-execd cf-key cf-monitord cf-net cf-promises cf-runagent cf-secret cf-serverd cf-upgrade getfacl lmdump lmmgr mdb_copy mdb_dump mdb_load mdb_stat python rpmvercmp
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] default:paths.curl /usr/bin/curl source=promise
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] There's that.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] default:paths.wget /usr/bin/wget source=promise
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] And that.
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] Maybe enterprise hub package only or maybe I remember wrongly
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] But I'm wanting to have it be a files: promise instead of a commands: promise, so that the action taken is based on the absence of the destination file.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] If /tmp/${package} already exists, don't bother downloading it.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Without having to add an if => clause.
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] Yep, pretty sure there is at least one ticket about libcurl support in copy_from. Would be much nicer to have it in files type promise
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Well, maybe mention this to Herman. (It looks like he goes by Herman, right?)
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] Your welcome to comment on the ticket, it's always nice to have user feedback. And if you can C, pull requests implementing features are also welcome.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Feb 15 17:42:01 priest sendmail[13134]: 11G1fpqN013131: to=<nic\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*\*ech>, ctladdr=[jeff@ultimateevil.org](mailto:jeff@ultimateevil.org) (1001/1001), delay=00:00:02, xdelay=00:00:02, mailer=esmtp, pri=129089, relay=aspmx.l.google.com. [], dsn=2.0.0, stat=Sent (OK 1613439721 a191si14576404pfd.246 - gsmtp)
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Oops, forgot to obfuscate my own address.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] My skills in C are pretty much read-only.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] nickanderson[m], looks like you commented on https://tracker.mender.io/browse/CFE-1627 almost a year ago, but looks like this was opened a lifetime (in Internet and pandemic time) ago.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] I also see that Ted participated in that ticket, which reminds me. I would like it if cfengine-mode did not do the following. If I so slist => {\n, the next line indents to the column after the brace. I want it to indent to two spaces more than the last line, which is usually ten spaces by the time I have indented to the slist parameter.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] s/\(If I \)so/\1do/
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Meaning bundle is indented 0, files: indented 2, class:: indented 4, "promiser" indented 6, slist => indented 8, and contents of the braces indented 10. The closing brace back to 8.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] tracker.mender.io sends malformed emails. They do not contain a text/plain section. :(
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] Yeahp, hub package ships curl.
    [root@ ~]# rpm -q --whatprovides /var/cfengine/bin/curl
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] enterprise hub package*
    [org.matrix:nickanderson, irc.freenode.net] Regarding email from tracker.mender.io not having text/plain, that's a lovely Jira feature
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Well, my email server blocks type text/html because that's something spammers do. Act like a spammer, get treated like a spammer. It needs to be text/plain or multipart/alternative.
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] Yeah, afaik Atlassian had closed tickets related to sending multipart emails as won't do.
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] Probably you will have to whitelist noreply@northern.tech
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Hmm, not sure if that's possible given how it is getting blocked. Maybe I can but I'm not sure.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] It's blocked with a milter-regex rule.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] reject "Policy requires text/plain portion."
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] header /^Content-Type$/i |text/html|i
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] Probably you can
    envfrom /northern\.tech/i
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Maybe.
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Host tracker.mender.io not found: 3(NXDOMAIN)
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] What just happened?
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] I thogut everyting was always a dns problem
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] looks like you cant resolve it, resolving for me.
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] \`;; ANSWER SECTION: [tracker.mender.io](http://tracker.mender.io). 1471 IN CNAME [jira.atlashost.eu](http://jira.atlashost.eu). [jira.atlashost.eu](http://jira.atlashost.eu). 16 IN A`
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Weird.
    [org.matrix:zzamboni, irc.freenode.net] Works for me too
    [org.matrix:zzamboni, irc.freenode.net] But anyway: https://memegenerator.net/img/instances/76409668/its-always-dns-always.jpg
    [Nick Anderson, Northern.tech] all hail zzamboni
    [Jeff Carlson, irc.freenode.net] Well, it's back. Dunno what went wrong.