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    Shunta Saito
    -sameroom portal
    <Sameroom> Your Portal URL is https://sameroom.io/hSBOkAJk -- you can send the URL to someone on a different team to share this room. Note: you can connect more than two teams this way.
    <Sameroom> I've connected 1 new room #documentation (chainer) on Slack. See map
    [tgp, chainer] Hi. On https://docs.chainer.org/en/stable/guides/gpu.html all links to "MNIST example" point to https://docs.chainer.org/en/stable/guides/serializers.html#mnist-mlp-example which indeed has an element <span class="target" id="mnist-mlp-example"></span> but at the bottom and without any content. Looks like a bug? Also I couldn't find mnist-mlp-example or mnist_mlp_example anywhere else in the Chainer source code, but then I don't know how these jump targets are generated...
    [tgp, chainer] Should I file a bug or if you briefly tell me how to fix it I'll submit a PR
    [tgp, chainer] Shall I send a PR?
    [tgp, chainer] Although you did most of the work (sweat smile emoji)
    [Kenichi Maehashi, chainer] I’ll do that!
    [tgp, chainer] (I wonder why https://github.com/chainer/chainer/search?q=mnist_mlp_example&unscoped_q=mnist_mlp_example didn't show the files that you shared...)
    [tgp, chainer] Thank you!