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Nov 2015
Janos Haber
Nov 04 2015 00:01
and it's private final, you cant "Build" a real tag with this builder, it's designed to internal use, and that's why I think StyleValue is still irrelevant...
and I think js.Any is still not an issue, if the user want to use other value, convert it to js.Any
Janos Haber
Nov 04 2015 00:06
maybe we can try to throw error in compile time, if anyone will write a macro for this
ohh hell... sleep time... thnx guys...
√ėyvind Raddum Berg
Nov 04 2015 00:08
well yes i see its for internal use, just the same as StyleValue, i was just looking at possible extension points to suggest that we could have used
anyways yes, definitely
Janos Haber
Nov 04 2015 07:48
good morning guys :)