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Jan 2016
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Jan 25 2016 05:14
huh, isnt that the whole point of it? xD
Alexej Haak
Jan 25 2016 12:03
I hoped so too :) But autocomplete / dialog for example don't really work well on mobile. I bet there are also other bugs
time to kick all third party addons out of react-components and make fully fledged frontend-framework from it completly based on scalajs/scalacss :)
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Jan 25 2016 14:28
PR would be very, very, very welcome, @Daxten ;)
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Jan 25 2016 16:12
but that would be so so awesome
@chandu0101 rewrote most of mui in scalajs actually, but realized it was... a lot of work to keep up
a clean fork with some developers would have better odds i suppose