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Feb 2016
Carlos Quiroz
Feb 24 2016 19:46
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Øyvind Raddum Berg
Feb 24 2016 20:52
cool that you're checking it out, @cquiroz :)
for the demos we get those warnings because there is an implicit from Seq[ReactNode] => ReactNode (or something like that) which doesnt give things a proper key
i havent bothered to fix it yet, i think it only has performance consequences
see for example this: japgolly/scalajs-react#206
think that is the same issue at hand
Roberto Leibman
Feb 24 2016 22:25
Hi elacin... I've been out of it for a bit... but I'm back (for another bit, before I'm pulled on to something else). I'm trying to bring my code in to 0.4.1 from 0.2.2.
The first thing I noticed is that in using MuiDialog, the places that used to take String now take UndefOr[ReactNode]
And there doesn't seem to be an automatic conversion, did I miss adding something?
Roberto Leibman
Feb 24 2016 22:30
Answering myself: import chandu0101.scalajs.react.components.Implicits._ Correct?
Øyvind Raddum Berg
Feb 24 2016 23:09
yes exactly
im not sure what to do about those cases frankly
now it supports more, but is more tedious to use